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Meet Upsun. The new, self-service, fully managed PaaS, powered by Platform.sh.Try it now

Deliver your applications faster, at scale

Built for developers, by developers. The efficient, reliable, and secure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that gives development teams control and peace of mind while accelerating the time it takes to build and deploy applications.

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Optimized developer experience

Our flexible, automated infrastructure provisioning and Git-based process optimizes development-to-production workflows. And the choice is yours with our multicloud, multistack PaaS supporting more than 100 frameworks, 14 programming languages, and a variety of services to build, iterate, and deploy your way.

Trusted, proven platform

We serve over 5,000 customers worldwide—providing 24x7 support, managed cloud infrastructure, and automated security and compliance all from one, reliable PaaS. Keeping your applications safe, secure, and available around the clock with full control over your data.

Commited to carbon-conscious computing

In addition to allowing our clients to pick lower carbon regions, our high-density computing allows up to 12x fewer resources used, which translates into lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Platform.sh environment easily and automatically scales out to meet the demands of the incoming web traffic, and it’s triple-redundant to protect us against hardware failures.

Saaed Fattahi
Saaed Fattahi
Director of Technology

Scale efficiently.
Optimize performance. Deliver results.

Based on The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Platform.sh


return on investment


net benefit up to €1.02M

7 months

payback time frame

Developer workflow

Your development team can feel at home with our Git-based system, complete with YAML configuration and local development with DDEV. Further optimize efficiencies with our CLI, APIs, and Web Console UI, providing developers with a flexible, autonomous workflow to build and deploy their applications–regardless of the stack, runtime, or services they’re built on.


Reliable scaling which adapts to your applications’ needs–even during peak traffic. Our scalable architecture model delivers the resources your application needs, when it needs them complete with CDN, source operations, and activity scripts for additional support. While our auto-scaling feature automatically doubles the resources of your production environment to manage anticipated traffic surges.


Monitor, profile, and optimize your application’s performance–even before you release to production. Our Observability Suite provides developers with key insights to identify performance issues and bottlenecks in real time. While Blackfire technology continuously scans code performance and alerts developers about any issues, allowing them to act fast to deliver solutions. Ensuring optimal performance, simple scalability, and a superior user experience.

Security and compliance

Develop, deploy, and host applications securely with a PaaS built on the three pillars of information security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. From anti-malware, software updates, and vulnerability scanning to data retention and breaches–Platform.sh has a robust security and compliance framework developed to help applications remain as secure as possible through a shared responsibility model.

You deliver the code.
We take care of the infrastructure complexities.

Deliver high-performance applications faster with Platform.sh

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Meeting Jonny Harris: WordPress performance optimization with Blackfire

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