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Focus On Your Project is a high-availability PHP cloud hosting platform that is fast and simple to use. Stop reinventing DevOps and wasting time on tedious admin chores.

Developer friendly

  • Git powered and build oriented
  • Test every new feature on a dedicated, automatically generated staging server
  • Seamless integration with Bitbucket and GitHub
  • Composer aware, Python, Ruby and Node.js support at build time
  • Easy local development using the CLI

Robust Production

  • Batteries included: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Solr... no add-ons required
  • Great support, quick problem resolution and continuous security fixes deployment
  • High availability clusters
  • No-risk deployments

Focus On Your Code

On-the-fly generation of unlimited staging and development environments. improves development velocity

Ninja development team? New developers on board? Don't spend your valuable time on DevOps. Be productive from the first hour. Your team focuses on writing quality code and provides you with a full-stack environment for every Git branch you create, which means faster onboarding of team members, easy testing and demos, lots of practice with deployments, and more people able to work in parallel.

Focus On Your Business

High-Availability Enterprise-Grade hosting for the price of traditional managed hosting: we can handle any application size, and any amount of traffic.

Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Zend, Laravel... PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elastic Search, Solr, Redis...

You can build micro-services and deploy static sites, and even use Ruby, Python or Node.js in the build process of your PHP application. is the only container powered Platform-as-a-Service with multi-service and multi-application support.

Case Study’s approach is very attractive. In my opinion it’s something of a killer application. It allows one to benefit from a production hosting solution integrated with a development and deployment workflow.
Symfony founder and SensioLabs CEO
Fabien Potencier
Symfony founder and SensioLabs CEO

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