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Meet Upsun. The new, self-service, fully managed PaaS, powered by Platform.sh.Try it now

Do what you do best

Bring your expertise and enthusiasm to a fast-growing, global, distributed organization. Your contributions, collaboration, and unique point of view are recognized and valued here.

Wanted: your talent

Thrive within a multicultural, international team, dedicated to open source and to an open, welcoming environment. Our team spans the age and experiential spectrum. What’s our common thread?

A curious spirit. An eagerness for new ideas and cultures. And a thirst for knowledge.

Sound like you?

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Why Platform.sh

Our ethos: be happy. That means more than just building the highest-quality product. It means creating an environment that frees you to do your best work. And that affords you the personal time to invest in what’s most important to you.

Challenge yourself

Feel free to experiment, innovate, and solve complex problems. Embrace the challenges that come with learning about your own presumptions by hearing new perspectives from global coworkers.

Don't go changing

Our culture: open, diverse, and inclusive. We do not tolerate hate of any kind. We stand up for our diverse culture and underrepresented employees. We always aim to do the right thing. Even if it costs more money. Even if it is the harder path.

Work wherever you want

Ambitious beachcomber. Rural dweller. Caregiver with a busy family. Here, you can grow your career and live your life in your own comfort. Find flexibility and accessibility to support your needs. (Unfailing Internet access and some conditions required.)

Current Job Openings at Platform.sh


Competitive PTO
Parental leave
Remote working/flexibility
Healthcare, dental, and vision (US and France staff only)
401k, with employer contribution (US staff only)
Extra compensation for on-call ops and support staff
Company shares (discretionary)
Annual budget for professional development
Unlimited Platform.sh accounts
Annual company retreat

Platform.sh journeys

Our team members have taken many paths to arrive at Platform.sh. And their experiences here have opened new opportunities to explore.

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Platform.sh | Journeys Frederic Potvin and Yann Deshayes

Our values

We strive for a positive impact

Climate impact is not an afterthought. We will build the most efficient cloud systems that allow our customers to thrive while year after year reducing their negative impacts on the planet.

We measure our success on how we improve our customers’ lives and their digital businesses. We bring them peace of mind by being good custodians of their data.

We aim to be the unfair advantage of forward-thinking organizations as a positive agent of change.

We care for each other and we are fair

We’re patient, passionate, and courageous. We are a distributed company whose diversity is at the core. We want to achieve gender parity at all levels of the company.

We’re focused on accessibility, not hierarchy. We rally together when under pressure. We’re demanding of ourselves and expect a lot from our colleagues, but stay driven by a sense of solidarity, and the will to live good, impactful lives.

We are fair not only to our team members but also to our clients and partners. We communicate truthfully with facts not assumptions.

We aim for the stars; we get there one step at a time

We want to tackle and solve hard problems, with a sense of urgency and bias toward action.

We promote radical change through incremental steps. We are balanced: thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy, betting the house is for cowboys.

We appreciate and value quality in everything we do: code, design, security, and communication.

We scale. Responsibly. Sustainably.

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