Do what you do best

Bring your expertise and enthusiasm to a fast-growing, global, distributed organization—where your contributions, collaboration, and unique point of view are recognized and valued

Wanted: your talent

Wanted: your talent

Thrive within a multicultural, international team, dedicated to open source and to an open, welcoming environment.

Some of our engineers hail from prestigious institutions. Others, self-taught hackers. From illustrators and expert sales staff to finance wizards, our team spans the age and experiential spectrum. Our common thread?
A curious spirit. A thirst for knowledge. And a willingness to go the extra mile.

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Our ethos: be happy. That means more than building the highest-quality product (which we do and are very proud of). It means creating an environment that frees you to do your best work. And that affords you the personal time to invest in what’s most important to you.

Challange yourself
Challenge yourself

Feel free to experiment on your path to innovation or to solving perplexing problems.

Dont go changing
Don't go changing

Our culture: open, diverse, and inclusive. We appreciate you—just the way you are.

Work from anywhere
Work wherever you want

Globetrotter. Rural dweller. Juggler with a busy family. Here, you can grow your career and live your life. (Unfailing Internet access required.)


Competitive PTO
Maternity and paternity leave
Remote working/flexibility
Healthcare, dental, and vision (US and France staff only)
401k, with employer contribution (US staff only)
Extra compensation for on-call ops and support staff
Company shares (discretionary)
Annual budget for professional development
Unlimited accounts
Annual company retreat Journeys

Our Platformers have taken many different paths to reach here. And their careers at have opened even more paths for them to explore. Read about their journeys here.

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Maria Antinkaapo

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Sawssen Bardaoui

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Our values

We aim for the stars; we get there one step at a time.

We want to tackle and solve hard problems, with a sense of urgency and bias toward action. We promote radical change through incremental steps. We’re balanced: thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy, betting the house is for cowboys.

We care for each other.

We’re good colleagues, focused on accessibility, not hierarchy. We jump in to help one another whenever we can. We double-down on solidarity when we’re under pressure.

We’re here to help our customers thrive

We live and breathe because we make software run, and almost nothing matters as much as keeping our customers’ applications running. But our goal is bigger. We measure our success on how we improve our customer’s lives and their digital businesses.

We never sacrifice quality.

We appreciate and value quality in everything we do: code, design and communication. Our product is written with good, sustainable, explicit code and accessible, user-centric design. We automate everything that we can automate, and always design for resilience and high-availability. We know how to refactor, let go, and change when we have to. We stay aware of the world around us.

We’re diverse, curious, passionate, and courageous.

Our work is not assigned to us, we grab it. And it goes way beyond what’s immediately expected from us. Structures and roles are there to help guide us, not limit and contain us. We want people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, and smart. We’re demanding of ourselves and expect a lot from our colleagues, driven by our sense of common purpose and solidarity.

We’re fair and tell it like it is.

We care about doing the right thing. We’re fair to our team members, our clients, and our partners when they join us and fair when they leave. We tell the truth. Our marketing and sales teams only communicate facts (and plausible fairy tales).

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