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Polyglot? Hyperpolyglot? We glot you.

Platform.sh supports an array of cool languages and frameworks. Monoliths. Microservies. Multi stack. So you can keep your options open. Flexible. And future-proof.

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Your favorite framework is our favorite framework

We are multi stack. That’s why with Platform.sh you can deploy 70+ open source languages and frameworks with a click. Here are a few of our favorites.

Drupal 9

Logo for Drupal 9
This template builds Drupal 9 using the "Drupal Recommended" Composer project. It is pre-configured to use MariaDB and ...
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WordPress (Composer)

Logo for WordPress (Composer)
This template builds WordPress on Platform.sh using the johnbloch/wordpress "Composer Fork" of WordPress. Plugins and t...
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Magento 2 Community Edition

Logo for Magento 2 Community Edition
This template builds Magento 2 CE on Platform.sh. It includes additional scripts to customize Magento to run effectivel...
Read more


Logo for Express
This template demonstrates building the Express framework for Platform.sh. It includes a minimalist application skeleto...
Read more

Django 4

Logo for Django 4
This template builds Django 4 on Platform.sh, using the gunicorn application runner. Django is a Python-based web applic...
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Missing your favorite? Let us know!

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If you use it, we've got it

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Logo for Beego


Logo for Directus

Django 3

Logo for Django 3

Django 4

Logo for Django 4

Drupal 10

Logo for Drupal 10

Drupal 9

Logo for Drupal 9


Logo for Echo


Logo for Express


Logo for FastAPI


Logo for Flask


Logo for Gatsby


Logo for Gin

GovCMS 9

Logo for GovCMS 9


Logo for Koa


Logo for Laravel

Magento 2 Community Edition

Logo for Magento 2 Community Edition


Logo for Next.js


Logo for NuxtJS


Logo for OpenideaL


Logo for Pizzly


Logo for Pyramid


Logo for Restyaboard


Logo for Sylius

Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.0/base

Logo for Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.0/base

Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.1/base

Logo for Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.1/base

Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.2/webapp

Logo for Symfony 5.4/PHP 8.2/webapp

Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.0/demo

Logo for Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.0/demo

Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.0/webapp

Logo for Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.0/webapp

Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.1/base

Logo for Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.1/base

Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.1/webapp

Logo for Symfony 6.0/PHP 8.1/webapp

Symfony 6.2/PHP 8.2/webapp

Logo for Symfony 6.2/PHP 8.2/webapp

Symfony 6.3/PHP 8.2/webapp

Logo for Symfony 6.3/PHP 8.2/webapp

Varbase (Drupal 9)

Logo for Varbase (Drupal 9)


Logo for Wagtail

WooCommerce (Bedrock) for Platform.sh

Logo for WooCommerce (Bedrock) for Platform.sh

WordPress (Bedrock)

Logo for WordPress (Bedrock)

WordPress (Composer)

Logo for WordPress (Composer)

WordPress (Vanilla) for Platform.sh

Logo for WordPress (Vanilla) for Platform.sh

eZ Platform v2

Logo for eZ Platform v2

eZ Platform v3

Logo for eZ Platform v3


Logo for redirection.io


Logo for strapi4

Generated by our Platform.sh Git repository

The templates on this page are generated by our official Platform.sh Git repository. Want to see some improvements for our multi stack PaaS? It's all open source and we'd love to hear from you.

Visit our Github page to contribute.

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