Deploy globally, comply locally

Global businesses face the challenge of complying with a dizzying array of regional data privacy and security laws. Local businesses strive to keep their customers’ data close at hand, where it can be quickly and easily accessed. That’s why has created a number of different geographic data regions.

Where in the world is

North America

US - West

Central Washington, Azure

US - East

South Carolina, GCP


Montreal, AWS



Stockholm, AWS


Paris, OVHCloud
Paris, Azure


Dublin, AWS*


London, GCP


Frankfurt, GCP



Sydney, AWS
Sydney, Azure

*Available upon request

= CDN Point of presence

With Dedicated Enterprise infrastructure, can be wherever you need to be. Enterprise and Elite customers can also benefit from Managed CDN, with more than 60 points of presence (POPs). Contact our team to learn more.

Data localization

Multiple data regions keep your data available, confidential, and compliant

Each data region is a self-contained copy of, supported by a cluster of data centers. By selecting a data region, you ensure that the data for your project is completely contained within that geographic area, readily accessible by local customers, and compliant with local data laws.