Keeping your websites and user data in the UK [and Brexit-ready] now has a cloud region in London, England to support our customers who require their data to remain inside the UK.

Our team stands ready to assist with migration of applications for Enterprise customers seeking alternatives to strictly European Economic Area (EEA) cloud hosts. Already on Moving an existing project to a new region is straightforward, and our team can assist with that, too. will remain aligned with EEA regulatory practices, including the GDPR, and will provide assurance of data residency within the UK and business continuity via our UK subsidiary. serves more than 5,000 customers globally, and as a company with European roots, we’ve focused on enabling those customers to build, run, and scale their website fleets exactly where they need to be—both to comply with privacy and data security regulations and to ensure the highest performance for their audiences.

We’re pleased to be able to extend this capability to London to serve customers with UK data residency needs, joining our list of regions that includes the US, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, and Australia.

– Fred Plais, CEO and co-founder,

In a post-Brexit world, will UK users be able to access data and services in EEA cloud application hosts? With, you won’t have to worry–or choose between data residency and cutting-edge website fleet management capabilities.