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Magento selected Platform.sh to run the Magento Commerce Cloud for a very good reason: our PaaS provides more than a managed service. Take advantage of the infrastructure and DevOps benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud for your Magento 1 site—even while transitioning to Magento 2.

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Magento-specific platform-as-a-service

Power tools, built in
Power tools, built in

Build and deploy your Magento 1 or Magento 2 site with our Git-driven workflow and built-in managed services.

Test and launch every campaign flawlessly
Test and launch every campaign flawlessly

Platform.sh creates a perfect replica of production for you to test every change, every campaign, so you can launch successfully, anytime (even on Black Friday).

Scale predictably or on demand
Scale predictably or on demand

Zero-downtime scalability lets you meet peak traffic demands whether they’re seasonal or driven by flash sales.

Magento on Platform.sh: performance + flexibility

Magento on Platform.sh: performance + flexibility

Get the best of all worlds: high-performance, replicable delivery of your Magento 1 or Magento 2 storefront and the flexibility to run the architecture that suits your needs.

The Platform.sh polyglot PaaS enables your team to run your Magento site as a full stack or headless commerce application, alongside Node.js, Angular, React, or other front ends.

Powerful services included

Multicloud global deployment

You can deploy your Magento applications Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Orange Cloud, worldwide.

Critical performance and high availability

Everything runs on high-IOPs SSDs, which, when combined with our powerful integrated caching (both at the HTTP layer and the database layer), makes this the highest-performing Magento platform available.

Around-the-clock enterprise support

Our team is your team—across five continents, 14 timezones, 24x7.

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