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Go microservices. No add-on required.
Go microservices. No add-on required.

Build sites and apps faster with native support for Go modules, and YAML-driven configuration of PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and more. Build and deploy your Go apps without having to manage add-ons from third-party marketplaces.

Instant staging environments for continuous deployments
Instant staging environments for continuous deployments solves the issue by giving you an immutable infrastructure to host your Go projects. We build your hosting environment from scratch every time you git push, so you always know what you’re getting at deploy time. You tell us what your project needs to fly, and we’ll take it from there.

Batteries included
Batteries included

Easily upgrade Go versions, and configure services from Redis to MongoDB to Elasticsearch, all with a few lines of YAML. No add-ons or management required.

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Go frameworks and templates has support for some of the most popular frameworks, like Gin, Beego, and Echo, as well as the Hugo static site generator. You can get started right away with a template project.


Accessing services with Go

How to call Solr, Redis, MySQL, and more from your Go application

View configuration library

Library provides a streamlined, easy-to-use way to interact with a environment. Find utility methods to access routes and relationships more cleanly than reading the raw environment variables yourself.


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