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Meet Upsun. The new, self-service, fully managed PaaS, powered by Platform.sh.Try it now

Platform.sh for government

The votes are in and Platform.sh is officially the PaaS you’ve been looking for to transform how your team manages application infrastructure. Whether it’s for one application or one thousand, our platform has the tools and capabilities to manage and optimize all of your applications from one reliable hub. With built-in security, compliance, and data sovereignty as standard.

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All under one roof

No matter the framework, runtime, or programming language your team builds applications with, Platform.sh can manage your government cloud infrastructure seamlessly from one platform. Freeing your development teams to focus less on infrastructure management and move faster to deliver the best possible experiences to your citizens and civil servants. And the best part is with our simple migration process, your team can get up and running in record time.

The problems we're helping you solve

Respond in realtime

Natural disasters. Public safety. A national health crisis. All situations that require the agility to provide the public with critical information in real time. Platform.sh gives you the tools and autonomy to deliver application updates with your position on what’s happening in the world within minutes, not days—whether it’s local, national, or global.

A unified way of working

Multiple applications doesn’t have to mean multiple ways of working. Platform.sh provides a reliable platform to conduct all of your government cloud infrastructure management. Optimizing the development-to-production workflow and giving development teams control and peace of mind while accelerating time to market.

Deploy with confidence

Spend less time finding and fixing post-deployment bugs. With Platform.sh you can deploy with confidence as our Git-based system creates an exact clone of your production environment in testing. That means what you see in testing, is what you get live. And with our automated backups features, you really can’t go wrong.

With 70+ frameworks available, the choice is yours

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The features you need to know about

Performance consistency all year round

Whether it’s voting season or a big news weeks, our platform can ensure seamless application performance even with huge traffic influxes. With the auto-scaling feature, our platform automatically doubles the resource of your production environment to handle anticipated traffic increases with no human intervention needed.

Our platform is powered by greener hosting

The IT sector is responsible for 4% of global carbon emissions (Belkhir & Elemeligi, 2018) and we’re on a mission to reduce that through our MODE strategy for greener hosting. Find out more on our Greener Hosting page.

Prioritising security and compliance

Data privacy, security and compliance are top priorities for us. From GDPR to HIPAA to cybersecurity measures - we work to ensure that we meet the necessary compliance certifications and standards across all our regions. From Europe to the US, we strive to ensure we're providing the best security measures possible.

24/7 global support as standard

All of our customers have access to 24/7 global support from our team so no matter what timezone you’re in, our team are on-hand to help you keep projects moving. And with an uptime guarantee of 99.99% for our enterprise and elite customers, you know we’ve got your back to help you quickly manage your government cloud infrastructure.

Our customers

The University of Missouri was on the lookout for a solution to maximize efficiency when managing their 1,600-site higher education infrastructure while adhering to security and compliance mandates. And they found just the PaaS they needed - find out more here.

Austrian publishing giant, Kurier, accelerated development and restored their team’s work-life balance with Platform.sh. Find out how we helped them out provide a quality user experience to their 5 million unique readers here.

After testing out several ecommerce cloud hosting solutions,Califrais decided that Platform.sh was the solution they needed to optimize their large-scale food logistics. Find out how we helped them, along with leading food wholesaler, Rungis Market, here.

Move faster with Platform.sh
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g2 leader winter 2022

We don't think or talk about deployments anymore

They take care of running the application so we can focus to build it

-Sébastien M.
Five star rating
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Net benefit up to €1.02M



Based on The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Platform.sh

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Move faster with Platform.sh

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