White-label SaaS Factory

Your software. Launched as a profitable SaaS business in days—not years. Without massive investments.

What White-Label SaaS looks like

This used to mean building a complex multi-tenant system. Learning to scale it to peak usage. Or hiring new people with the cloud expertise needed to build and run a new type of business. Or diverting your focus from the features your customers care about. But that’s not the case with Platform.sh’s White-Label SaaS.

Bring your code
Bring your code
Add your app code as-is, without re-architecting. Configure the customer experience with your look and feel.
Connect your systems
Connect your systems
Use our API to provision with your existing billing & accounting tools, or leverage ours.
Focus on your business
Focus on your business
Put your efforts towards customer care and features instead of worrying about infrastructure.

Are you a candidate for white label?

Software companies

Ready to move from license to SaaS models

Cloud service providers

Able to deliver a differentiated PaaS on top of IaaS or managed cloud

Digital agencies

Motivated to drive repeatability and brand affinity


Ready to speed your journey to SaaS profitability?

A Platform.sh SaaS business planning and implementation workshop
—based on our collaborations with many clients to successfully deliver profitable SaaS offerings—can help you understand and leverage a PaaS
 to realize tangible business value.

Tailored to your unique business needs, our workshops target your company’s specific areas of interest.

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Focus on your app. We do the rest.

Go beyond licensing, support, and professional services
Go beyond licensing, support, and professional services
Create new channels to generate recurring revenue streams with a hosted offering.
Become a multi-tenant SaaS with no hassle
Become a multitenant SaaS with no hassle
Transform your single-tenant application into a fully fledged, multitenant SaaS offering in no time.
Manage your system consistently no matter the setup
Manage your system consistently no matter the setup
Manage your system consistently no matter the setup.
Attain better and more profitable partnerships
Attain better, more profitable partnerships
Simplify your relationship with your delivery partners and integrators while retaining control of your channels and achieving better monetization.
Zero upfront investment needed
Zero upfront investment needed
With zero DevOps investment get a modern Linux container-based platform that's fully automated and future resistant.

Easily manage 1,000 applications

A fully managed lifecycle for every application instance that includes testing new versions, deploying new features, scaling, backups, and disaster recovery, means you run your software as a true SaaS—without taking away focus from your go-to-market strategy.

A Git-driven approach
Use a Git-driven approach for a simple branch-merge workflow that goes all the way to the infrastructure.
Protecting your data
Unique, read-only architecture and sovereign clouds to protect data privacy. Our network topology assures deep segregation between end customers for security.
High performance
Our grid of high-availability, high-density Linux containers, with optimized file-system and network overlays delivers higher performance.
Consistent automated datastores
Run arbitrarily complex clusters in automated, highly available, persistent datastores that are guaranteed to be consistent.
Industry-leading support
Your clients get 24x7 support from leading industry experts. We provide the support, so you can focus on your business.

Focus on your app, instead of DevOps.

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