Observability Suite

Platform.sh all-included package for performance management

From Application Performance Management to Auto-Scaling, the Observability Suite will give you all the tools to make your applications more performant, scalable and efficient.

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Observability Suite

Observability from Development to Production

Monitor, profile and test your application even before it is released in production. Get actionable insights to improve your code rather than spend time figuring out what’s wrong. Ensure optimal performance and user experience for your web applications.

Fully-fledged Application Performance Monitoring

figures on how your application performs in production. Monitor server-side response time and memory usage. Drill-down and find bottlenecks in transactions and service calls (SQL, HTTP, queues,...).

Let Blackfire automatically profile key transactions and obtain unrivalled visibility in your code’s behavior. Get alerted when something goes wrong.

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In depth profiling of your application code

Blackfire's unique profiling technology collect function-call-level metrics that let developers understand exactly how their code behaves. Through time-sequence and behavioral visualizations, analyse how code consumes time, memory and network. Find slow SQL queries and HTTP requests.

Collect such metrics from your live production site, then reproduce measurements on local machines. Iterate and compare iterations to validate code changes.


Auto-Scaling is available on all Enterprise Dedicated clusters runnning with the Observability Suite - out of the box, no configuration needed.

Anytime your site begins to experience errors due to increase resources comsumption, our orchestration system will automatically double the resources of your production environment in minutes.

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Infrastructure metrics

Get a real-time view of your applications and services resources usage. Track CPU, memory and disk usage over all your containers.

Identify and monitor bottlenecks on any of your services on any of your running environments and get insights on when to upsize your projects to accomodate more traffic.

Logs forwarding

Beta testing available upon request.

Ship your applications and services log files to external endpoints.

Surface annd identify issues on all your applications running on Platform.sh in a single log repository of your choice.

The supported external endpoints are: Splunk, New Relic & Sumologic on the Grid and rsyslog on Dedicated.

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