Increase resources to handle traffic surges without any human intervention

Unplanned traffic surges can put your site under stress and impact the user experience or your revenue.

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Zero-touch automated upsizes

Auto-Scaling is available on all Enterprise Dedicated clusters runnning with the Observability Suite - out of the box, no configuration needed.

Anytime your site begins to experience errors due to increase resources comsumption, our orchestration system will automatically double the resources of your production environment in minutes.

Reliable scaling, no matter the stack

Scaling the resources of an application on a IaaS provider is complex. You need to isolate the components that require to be scaled and your application needs to be thoughtfull of the services and the way they are architectured.

With Auto-Scaling, any application will automatically scale, whether vertically or horizontally based on your Enterprise Dedicated cluster setup. All the scaled and redundant services will always be presented to your application the same way. No configuration adjustments needed. But more importantly, this is the best way to scale an application and all its services reliably.


Better resources consumption efficiency

You can now rely on Auto-Scaling to handle traffic spikes with ease. No need to run over-provisioned costly resources when you don't need them.

Using more resources only when you need them will also help optimize the carbon footprint of your applications. Get even better efficiency by leveraging the APM and Profiler features of the Observability Suite to optimize your code resulting in better user performance while reducing even more the energy consumption.

Always-active human oversight

Whenever the Auto-Scaling upsizes a cluster, our 24/7 team gets notified. They will ensure the processus is completing smoothly and will take further actions if needed: mitigating an attack or adding more resources as the traffic grows. They will get in touch with your team to schedule the downsize of the cluster based on the ongoing traffic.


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