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Common ground

Forging your own path: a masterclass from three tech agency leaders

Navigating a career requires many guideposts. Interests. Mentorship. Education. Opportunities. In our Common Ground video series, three Platform.sh agency partner leaders speak about their individual career experiences and current roles.

These women share more than just an industry—in their stories, a throughline of commonalities surfaces. Independent thinkers. People-first leadership. Mentoring youth. Pushing through challenges and pivoting between paths.

Collectively, their journeys traverse the inner workings of successful agencies, their own professional paths, and valuable advice for others in the industry—offering a groundswell of knowledge that can enlighten any leader.

Teams led by women are more cooperative and collaborative.

YouTube's thumbnail image for the video.

Baddy Sonja Breidert

CEO and Co-Founder
Board Chair at Drupal Association

Baddy Sonja Breidert has long been a globally recognized force for good in the Drupal community, serving as a mentor, consultant, community organizer, and sought-after speaker. Breidert co-founded 1xINTERNET—a digital agency with offices in Germany, Spain, and Iceland—on her belief in the value of open-source development. Today, the agency supports more than 150 clients with web development and digital strategies.

Breidert chairs the Board at Drupal Association, serves as President of the German Drupal Business Association, and is a guest lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna. In 2020, she was awarded the Aaron Winborn Award for her outstanding commitment to the Drupal community.

“I want 1xINTERNET to be a company that I would like to work for. If you’re building an agency and a software company—it's all around your people. It matters how your people feel. If they feel unsure about what is happening in the world or how it influences their daily life, we as leaders need to respond to it.”
YouTube's thumbnail image for the video.

Kirstie Buchanan, FRSA

Growth and Partnership Director
CTI Digital

A recognized, big-idea, conceptual thinker who sees and harnesses market-shaping opportunities, Kirstie Buchanan provides insight and leadership for CTI Digital’s business development strategy and direction as well as for many of its major clients. Through CTI Groups' digital, innovation, and business agenda in both the UK and Europe, Buchanan drives growth in client services, new business, and marketing functions with a key selection of global and strategic partners. 

Buchanan serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the School of Digital Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University and as the co-Chair for the British Interactive Media Association’s North West Council. She’s also a Drum Awards for Digital Industries, Creative Direction award-winner.

“At CTI Digital, we’re looking at the way that we talk to people, ensuring our tone is inclusive. Previously, there was an assumption that developers were all male. They don't have to be male; they're not only male. So we’re thinking about the language we use on our websites, the way we write job descriptions, and our overall team culture—we want it to be an inclusive space.”
YouTube's thumbnail image for the video.

Stella Power

Founder and Managing Director

A well-known contributor in the Drupal community, a frequent speaker at DrupalCon Europe, and a fierce advocate for women in STEM, Stella Power founded Annertech in 2008. Her agency provides digital services to nonprofit organizations and has grown into Ireland’s largest, dedicated, open-source provider. Annertech recently expanded into the UK market and develops digital experiences for high-profile Irish companies, universities, and public sector organizations.

Power’s contributions to developing young women in tech is a cause close to her heart, with two young daughters who each show an aptitude for math and coding.

“The most meaningful career advice I’ve received is not to spin too many plates. The more plates you spin, the more likely things are to crash and fall. So for me, instead of stretching myself too thinly or trying to do too much or trying to please everyone, sometimes I just have to say, ‘no.’ ‘No’ is a powerful thing.”

Find out why agency leaders build partnerships with Platform.sh

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