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Greener Hosting

Maximizing efficiency for our clients, reducing our impact on the environment. Platform.sh remains dedicated to decreasing the effects of our activity on the environment.

In 2022, we changed our bylaws to reflect our commitment not only to our bottom line, but to also consider our environmental and social impacts.

Read our environmental policyCheck our resources

You don't need another server

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we help our clients lower the environmental impact of their applications by hosting them in the cloud. But there’s more to being green than simply providing standard greener cloud hosting.

We use another MODE to further reduce our impact.
measuring gaugeMeasure


Cloud hosting is considerably less resource intensive than on-premise servers, and therefore produces and emits less carbon into our environment.

Carbon auditing

We publish our annual carbon footprints, which have been measured by a certified, third-party auditor. We’ve set a carbon intensity goal of -30% greenhouse gases/€1M revenue by 2030, using 2022 as our baseline year.


A shared responsibility model, one between a provider and client, is common in cyber-security. The same is true in greener hosting. Both parties have a role to play. Platform.sh optimizes its product and encourages our clients to profile their code, to further contribute towards reducing our collective carbon emissions.

Reducing our footprint through high-density computing

Using right-sizing, Platform.sh provides highly dynamic container-based solutions. Compared to running directly on generic cloud virtual machines, we can achieve superior levels of density, while still guaranteeing resources for production and development environments. Through this optimized server density usage, we reduce our resource use to up to 12 times, as compared to an AWS EC2 virtual machine.

App optimization

Our clients can optimize their applications with our observability and monitoring tools, such as Blackfire. These tools allow them to measure loading times, identify bottlenecks, and receive recommendations on optimizing their work packages.


Cloud hosting enables our clients to utilize servers located around the world. This means that we can choose to deploy to greener data centers (i.e., data centers that are located on a low-carbon electricity grid).

Location-based approach

As a multi-cloud provider, our customers are able to choose the provider that has the data center with lowest-carbon density. By changing the location for deployment from a high-carbon grid to a low-carbon grids, our clients can reduce their CO2 emission by up to 15x.

Carbon intensity transparency

We provide transparency concerning carbon intensity by using a location-based approach. Our Regions API displays the carbon intensity of the underlying electricity grid (gCO2eq/kWh) for the corresponding data center. This provides our clients with the ability to make a greener choice choice possible when deploying a new project. Find out more about this API in this article.


The fourth and final component of our MODE strategy is education.

We say education with humility

The fourth and final component of our MODE strategy is education. We say education with complete humility. We believe that we need to start by educating ourselves through conducting research and sharing our results with the wider community and with our clients.

Some more ways we're helping

Our MODE strategy is leading the way to what we do to become greener. However, it’s not our only channel for change, find out some of the other ways we’re reducing our impact below.

  • Platformers work from home

    Platform.sh have always had an almost fully remote workforce. Virtually all of our 360+ employees work from home which means there’s no need for a daily commute to the office. By skipping the daily commute, our staff significantly reduces their impact on air pollution, traffic congestion, and public transportation overcrowding.

  • Keeping things transparent

    We share our carbon audits openly with our investors and clients to ensure transparency. Measurements are the first step of any sustainability journey.

Let's talk about it!

We’ve been chatting about sustainability initiatives and greener solutions and you can check out some of our previous talks and conferences right here:

Our sustainability playlist

The greener hosting talks, keynotes, and conferences we've been a part of

Watch video

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Talk to us about greener performance #wescalesustainably

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