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Meet Upsun. The new, self-service, fully managed PaaS, powered by Platform.sh.Try it now
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Enterprise Symfony for the future

Platform.sh has always been the cloud behind Symfony SAS’s SymfonyCloud, providing developers with agile development and an unparalleled developer experience all the way to production—right from the command line. Building PHP microservices, or integrating multiple languages in your projects? Run and manage them together with multi-app support with the Platform.sh Symfony cloud hosting platform.

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Manage the complexity with standardization

and spend more time focusing on your Symfony enterprise

Solving the complexity of app delivery

All the moving parts – from vendors, to access control, to compliance – must be managed to succeed long term.

Platform.sh is a Symfony platform that builds DevOps standardization on top of its unified development workflow. You can commit infrastructure, and define builds and deploys in YAML with Composer and Drush. It's all packaged, provisioned, and deployed automatically.

No need to learn how to provision services. Backups are a full copy of all code and data. Your developers tell us what they want, we handle the rest.

See how it works

Infrastructure management included

PHP is a dependency of your application, not the app itself. Spending time upgrading security patches and version updates is time away from your Symfony enterprise.

With the Platform.sh Symfony platform, PHP is provisioned in a single line, packaged with your unique build, with security patches applied automatically.

See PHP on Platform.sh

Elasticsearch, Redis, and more

Add 15+ services with a line of YAML, and connect your business logic securely to the environment’s network.

Built-in Redis, Elasticsearch, and Solr support for every account—no add-ons required. Integrated Blackfire.io and managed CDN support accelerate your Symfony sites, too.

Check out built-in services

Environments on-demand

Using Git, builds are reused and data is cloned automatically. With true byte-to-byte replicas of production, what you're testing in development and staging is exactly what you'll get behaviorally in production. Experiment in isolation for every change—whether that’s upgrading PHP, Symfony core, or any of your custom code.

Environments & inheritance

Move fast and experiment freely

with GitOps built in, and the tools you already use

Optimized for Symfony

Migrate your project with the Symfony CLI with one command, and leverage Configurator to expose best practice caching and variables automatically. Test new features, custom services, and frontends in isolation—all from the same platform. With Git, simply open a pull request or create a branch, and get true staging environments on-demand. Dev-Stage-Prod is no longer a necessary limitation of your tooling, allowing for parallel workflows for each pipeline of work without your teams colliding. Integrate the rest of your CI pipeline and move fast without breaking things.

See how it works


Our main API is Git. You can do most operations by simply pushing code or a config file. Then, watch your cluster configure itself automatically.


Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the Platform.sh UI, you can do in your terminal with our CLI. Work locally with DDEV and Symfony server right away.

Software code


Built-in Composer support—no need to check in your vendor directory. Push your composer.json to us and we’ll handle it, just as it should be.

Develop a continuous observability strategy

because you can’t optimize what you can’t measure

Optimize resource usage with observability

With environments on-demand, you can spend less time orchestrating, and more time on development. Not just developing new features, but also monitoring and investigating the performance of your infrastructure and applications, so that you can optimize how you use resources. Looking to dive deeper into Symfony? Get alerts when resources run low and investigate bottlenecks in isolation. With a clearer picture provided, you can choose which resources are needed and when for your Symfony enterprise.

Check out the Observability Suite
Single Eye


Get a real-time view of your resource usage with infrastructure metrics. Track CPU, memory, and disk usage over all your containers. Use Blackfire.io’s application performance monitoring to receive alerts that help you understand where and when performance issues occur in your Symfony apps.

See the demo
Putting pieces together


Once you’ve identified a problem, branch a production replica into a new environment, then with the Blackfire profiler investigate performance bottlenecks. Organize performance sprints around implementing recommendations and reducing resource usage across every transaction in your business logic.

Deep-dive into your code


For every performance improvement, a test can be written tailored for even your most custom functions and service calls. Expand your CI pipeline to account for a performance budget, and eliminate the reintroduction of performance regressions.

Test performance as a feature

Scale responsibly

in every direction the future takes your organization

What will you need in five years? Ten?

Multi-cloud, dedicated infrastructure, increased storage, memory, environments, and users - all managed with one Symfony cloud platform.

Looking to explore microservices and decoupled Symfony? Platform.sh provides managed services and multi-app support to build out your enterprise.

Completely standardize all your applications and regain control over access, common variables, updates, and compliance all while only using the resources you really need.

What is FleetOps?


The Platform.sh API lets you manage and organize all your projects whether they share a common upstream codebase or if they’re made from distinctly different technologies. Optimize delivery, enforce compliance, respond to security releases, and keep every project in sync with FleetOps and Source Operations.

What is FleetOps?
Computer with application


Unplanned traffic surges can put your site under pressure. With our Enterprise Dedicated plans, anytime your site begins to experience errors due to increased resource consumption, our orchestration system will automatically double the resources of your production environment in minutes, providing consistent auto-scaling performance.

See how auto-scaling works
trees with green planet

Greener Symfony hosting

Platform.sh provides organizations with a unified platform for advanced observability, and optimization tooling that enable you to measure and reduce environmental impact.

Our container orchestration achieves unparalleled levels of density, while guaranteeing resources to production and development environments.

Reduce Symfony's footprint

Enterprise-grade Symfony

From development to delivery

Symfony in the Cloud: Your enterprise projects on Platform.sh

Platform.sh has been behind SymfonyCloud since the beginning. Everything about our abstraction–coupled with the Symfony CLI–have always sought to make the experience of deploying Symfony apps feel as native and integrated as possible. In 2022, we became the official Symfony PaaS, dedicated to expanding that support from environment variable conventions to built-in support for advanced Symfony features like async messages, email sending, scalability, and more. With the Platform.sh Symfony platform, leverage tooling to optimize infrastructure, business logic, and all of your orchestration from a single platform.

See how it works
The Cloud from a box

Global support and deployment

You can deploy your Symfony applications on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OVHCloud, Microsoft Azure, and Orange Cloud, worldwide.

Our team is your team—across five continents, 14 timezones, 24/7.

See the regions
Battery charge

Critical performance and high availability

Everything runs on high-IOPs SSDs, which, when combined with our powerful integrated caching (both at the HTTP layer and the database layer), makes Platform.sh a high-performing Symfony platform.

Reliability and security
Secure bag

Around-the-clock enteprise support

Everything isolated and secure by default as the only entry point to code is Git and SSH. Secrets management and access control per environment makes enforcing new compliance requirements simple. Set aside isolated replica environments for vendor collaborations, without risking production secrets and data.

Security and governance

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Symfony on Platform.sh

Run your Symfony apps with Composer support out of the box. Our quick-start guide will get your site up and running in no time.

Read documentation

Our Platform.sh environment easily and automatically scales out to meet the demands of the incoming web traffic, and it’s triple-redundant to protect us against hardware failures.

Saaed Fattahi
Saaed Fattahi
Director of Technology, SportRx

Build your greatest Symfony app

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