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Enterprise-grade Python hosting

Batteries-included, hassle-free Python PaaS. MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, and SSL—all included at no extra cost.

With native microservices capabilities and support for your Python, Java, and Node.js dependencies, building strong, scalable apps is easy.

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By Python lovers, for Python lovers.

Python microservices. No add-on required.

Python microservices. No add-on required.

Build sites and apps faster with native support for pipenv, and yaml-driven configuration of PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and more. Build and deploy your Python apps without having to manage add-ons from a 3rd party marketplace.

Instant staging environments for continuous deployments

Instant staging environments for continuous deployments

Platform.sh solves the issue by giving you an immutable infrastructure for hosting your Python projects. We build your hosting environment from scratch every time you git push, so you always know what you’re getting at deploy time. You tell us what you project needs to fly, and we’ll take it from there.

Batteries included

Batteries included

We support both Python 2 and 3, and our Git-based workflow makes it a snap to test out your Python 2 application’s readiness for Python 3.

The complete solution to develop and deploy Python apps

The complete solution to develop and deploy Python apps

Platform.sh is a second-generation PaaS. We drew inspiration from the simplicity of a Git-based development and deployment workflows and took it further. Rather than having to rely on paid, third-party integrations to add services like Solr or Redis to your project, we include a list of hosted services with every project—by default. No surprise add-ons. No support tickets.

We also fulfill the promise of Git as a team-oriented development tool. You’re no longer limited to just hosting your master environment. Every branch of your project can have a completely functional hosting environment you can modify as you see fit, with just a few lines of configuration.

Collaboration has never been this easy.

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The greatest toolbox for Python developers


Our main API is Git. You can do most operations by just pushing code or a config file. Then watching your cluster configure itself automatically.

Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the Platform.sh UI, you can do in your terminal with our CLI.


Platform.sh is integrated with GitHub and Bitbucket and can generate new environments on demand for every pull or merge request.

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Accessing services with Python

How to call Solr, Redis, MySQL, and more from your Python application.


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