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Deploying a Python chat app

How a marketing guy quickly built a Python microservice chatbot app for Drift on

A few weeks ago, it was snowing. Actually, snow isn’t quite the right descriptor. It was a chilly mixture of snow, rain, and sleet, with a helping of wind for good measure.
How to deploy your Django project on

How to deploy your Django project on

Django —a high-level framework—makes web development in Python easy.—a second-generation Platform-as-a-Service—makes the deployment easy. Together, they’re unbeatable combination.
ElePHPant in a gift box

Deploy with PHP 7.3 this Friday, er, Thursday

PHP continues its steady march forward, and today marks the release of the latest version, PHP 7.3.
B2B Software-as-a-Service companies: accelerate your journey to enterprise with

B2B Software-as-a-Service companies: accelerate your journey to enterprise!

There’s a common pattern within many fast-growing B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups.
Real Life Digital agency partner with

Real Life Digital speeds DevOps, re-energizes focus on client problem-solving

Sony. Virgin. Peugeot. All high-profile brands with a foundational objective in common: to create digital experiences that more deeply engage customers and generate sales.

Update to our Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy, located at, to version 2.1.
Black Friday Header

Our Black Friday gift: 10,000 CPUs, overnight without downtime

Black Friday may be just a week away, but shoppers have already started descending on ecommerce sites everywhere. “The new normal” in online retail is that bargain hunters are starting earlier than ever. is back in business in Australia

Good morning, Australia: we’re back in business

It’s been just over a year since launched its service in Australia, and we thought it was time to take a step back and reflect.  We’re excited to share that the product
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Why you should care about WeChat before it's too late!

Launched by Chinese tech giant, Tencent, in 2011, WeChat is the Chinese super-app you won't be able to avoid in the near future. But it's not too late to step in.
Go Gopher wearing a space helmet

Go[lang] forth and deploy aims to support your applications, whatever they may be. We've supported PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js for quite some time now. Golang support has also been available as a beta for over a year.

We're improving our communications tools at

We take user privacy seriously at, and we want to make sure we give you the most control possible over how and when we communicate with you.
SaaS Skyline
Press launches white-label SaaS factory

New rapid-launch capabilities and APIs enable software companies to move to the cloud and create new recurring revenue businesses in weeks, not years [October 24, San Francisco, CA], the Idea-to-
Python blog post

Deploy your Python 3.7 code to the Moon

Python is one of the most popular programming languages of the last decade (hey most of is written in Python!
Stratus Award Logo
Press Wins 2018 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing

SAN FRANCISCO --, provider of the idea-to-cl

Of Cicadas and cron jobs

The cicada is a flying insect found world-wide. It's loud but not particularly threatening.
Maple Leaf
Blog deploys to Canada continues to expand its service to new places, and we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Canada as a new region in North America.
Little fish eating big fish

How micro is your microservice?

Microservices have been all the rage for the past several years.

It's July 2018, do you know what your PHP is?

PHP is a rapidly-evolving language.
json mongodb nodejs

Some gifts for the JSON fans

Software developers keep releasing new versions, which means we keep adding them to our list of supported services.

Your Guide to GDPR Compliance: Training your employees

This is it!
kubernetes cloud hosting

A great Kubernetes alternative

Over the last 2 years, I have had more and more conversations with customers about their Docker experiences, and how complicated it is to build anything, and how long it all takes.
github microsoft platform sh

The Github acquisition: it's all about cloud for Microsoft

The acquisition of Github by Microsoft has already been extensively commented on by analysts, and much has been rightfully said already.

Your Guide to GDPR Compliance: Transfers of personal data to third countries

The GDPR went into effect last week. We all got a billion emails with people surprisingly updating their privacy policies. Many spread FUD. Even more spread cute memes. So that was fun. Some panicked.
Your Guide to GDPR Compliance: Data protection impact assessment and security measures for processing data

Your Guide to GDPR Compliance: Data protection impact assessment and security measures for processing data

Today is GDPR day! Woot! We already told you, GDPR is not about a date. This is a long-haul journey that, we firmly believe is making the Internet a better place.
fundraise platform sh

Speed, confidence and simplicity: what our $34m raise means for you

It’s hard to believe that four years ago, was just 14 people working in a small office in Paris. Looking back since the initial launch, it is quite unbelievable to see how much the team has accomplished.
Press 募得3400万美元,发展更快更可靠的企业云应用部署业务

Press Raises $34M to Bring Speed and Confidence to Enterprise Cloud Deployments

Investment to Accelerate Growth and Customer Success in North America, Following Strong Adoption
Press lève 28 millions d'euros pour apporter rapidité et performance aux déploiements cloud en entreprise

Cette augmentation de capital permettra notamment à d'intensifier ses investissements en Amérique du Nord et en Chine.

Schnellere und sicherere Enterprise Cloud Deployments: Lösungsanbieter erhält 28 Millionen Euro zusätzliches Kapital

Mit den Investitionen will das Unternehmen Wachstum und Kundenerfolg in Europa sowie Nordamerika beschleunigen – in Folge der hohen Kundenakzeptanz

Your Guide to GDPR Compliance: Data subject rights

Continuing on from our GDPR series, with the