When your job is too tough for cron

Cron jobs are good. Cron jobs are nice. But sometimes, a Cron job just isn’t enough. Running a task now and again may be good for some jobs, but what if you have a really big task. A task that needs muscle from a long-running process. For the big tasks a Cron job just isn’t going to cut it. What you need is a dedicated worker instance; Worker application instances that now provides, of course.

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6 things to do to make your application cloud friendly

As Director of Developer Experience, I get to play with a number of different systems.
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Want to try Get started for free

If you've been thinking about using, but haven't dipped your toes yet, you might be interested to know that offers a free tri
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Hosting your TYPO3 website with Part 2 Branching and Workspaces

In the first article in this TYPO3 series, I explained that when you host TYPO3 at
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Why host your TYPO3 website with Part 1, Git and the Read Only file system

TYPO3 is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems, but it can only thrive if you leave it room to fully operate.
deploy down under

Deploy Down Under: is now available in Australia

Our game-changing Continuous Deployment web hosting is now available in an Australian region.

Containers old, containers new, memcached support, and PHP 7.2

One of the advantages of a fully container-based infrastructure is that we can roll out new versions of containers to support new service versions without impacting current users. Upgrade when you want to, not when we want you to. To that end, we have a couple of updates to offer you, plus new support for Memcached and PHP 7.2-alpha.
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Now available: Sovereign Hosting Solution in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Microsoft and announce availability of sovereign, end-to-end development and production hosting solution in Microsoft Cloud Germany
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Wrap your head around custom headers

One of the requests we've gotten in the past few months is the ability to customize the HTTP headers that get sent with static assets.
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What is best practice in web application deployment?

For at least the last decade, the best practice process of getting web applications from the developer's environment to the production environment has suffered due to a fundamental limitation imposed by reso

Various ways to set variables has always prided itself on offering our customers as much flexibility to control their own projects as we can.

Getting to 50/50 women men participation: Polyconf, a very diverse conference

In a short month Polyconf, an incredibly cool conference, will be held for the first time in Paris (July 7th to 9th).
Third party resources on

The Ultimate Third Party Resources List on Using

For first-time users of, especially those who had to change up their processes, it can take some time to get used a new way of working.
Blog revived its DevOps approach with

Ever since the internet and mobile changed the media landscape - making it easier to disseminate news - it is imperative that media companies’ web estates are highly available and have fast deployment capabi

Screencast - Composer and Continuous Integration

Hello there!
DevOps gives you wings with

DevOps gives you wings

DevOps should be seen as a ‘capability’ within your organization, but for some it can be seen as an overhead.
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Sponsoring pre-dotScale and election drinks !

As a Gold sponsor for the dotSecurity and dotScale conferences this year, we wanted to offer the crowd a n
Let's Encrypt
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Free SSL certificates for every project & every environment

At, we believe that all websites deserve to be secure, fast, and feature-rich, and that it should be easy to have all three.
TYPO3 and A love letter from Germany as shown in this view of the Berlin Fernsehturm.

TYPO3 and A love letter from Germany is different. Why? Because it allows developers, editors and project managers to focus on their applications and leave the rest to us.
Magento Imagine 2017

Imagine 2017: The New Magento Ecosystem

I just attended my sixth Magento Imagine.  I’ve missed only one and that was the very first that was held near the Los Angeles Airport in 2011.  All I can say is, Magento is back!  That statement might imply they went
our managed, tiered CDN feature for global page and asset cache coverage

Global App Cache: our managed, tiered CDN feature for global page and asset cache coverage

Caching is a vital part of your web application. Properly implemented, it results in faster page loads, lower latency and fewer requests to your origin server.
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More flexible elastic now available

Elasticsearch is one of the most popular Free Software search engines available. It’s fast, flexible, and easy to work with. It’s also now fully up to date on
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Now you can save time in a database

(With due apologies to Jim Croce.)

Oliver Sweeney website revamp with Magento Cloud, powered by oozes sophistication and luxury

When your company sells luxury items, you want your website to offer that same exclusive, stunning digital experience for your customers too.
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Press expands its US operations to meet growing demand in North America

New US headquarters and CEO relocation in San Francisco. US Board of advisors with senior execs from Twilio, Atlassian, Apple. Aggressive North America recruitment plan.
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Multiple MySQLs Make a Marvelous Multisite Machine

(Because alliterations are always appropriate.)
Blog is down wit' OOP will be getting Old Skool at the OOP conference 2017 in Munich from 30 January - 3 February, where our crew will do live-on-the-mic demos and answer your questions on our second-generation PaaS at booth 3.
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Redis, now for long-term keys and values

Redis is a popular key-value database, well-regarded for its speed and simplicity. has offered a Redis service for quite some time, which is configured not to store data but to keep it only in memory.
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New year, new Solr, new features

After ending 2016 with a new PHP version and starting 2017 with a new HTTP version, we’re

Your instances safe from MongoDB Apocalypse on the PaaS

You might have heard about the MongoDB scare with titles like: MongoDB Apocalyps

2016, The Year We Won PHP

First, a joyous and productive 2017 to you all. 2016 was really great for us as a growing company and the new year is a great time to look back and share with you, our dear clients and community, our journey.