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Have you had to wait a long time for an answer to your support ticket? We hear you, we’re sorry and here’s what we’re doing to fix it.

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Using with Scrum

Scrum is easy to do badly, and hard to do well. One of its main challenges is effectively managing changes in a way that doesn't cause conflicts.

Changing the Node.js version in your application container provides Node.js in all our containers, regardless of whether it's a proper Node.js container, currently this is 6.x LTS.

HHVM deploys off into the sunset

We always aim to offer our customers the best experience possible, with the tools they want to use.
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Blog is ready to make an Impact in China

Shortly after the success of the prestigious French Tech Tour China 2017, is excited to be invited to join the elite Impact China 2018 program organized by BpiFrance, the leading French investment bank, and Business France, the French national agency for international business development.
Spectre Meltdown

Spectre/Meltdown Security Update Notice

By now you have likely heard of two large hardware vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre ( which have sent many in the IT world
Backup and Forget Header

Backup and Forget allows users to create a byte-for-byte snapshot of any running environment, production or otherwise, at any time with a single button click or command line directive. That's great for one off use, like preparing to deploy a new version or run some large batch process, but what about for routine disaster recovery backups? Can we do those? Believe it or, not, it's possible to automate yourself! And it's only a 3 step process.

A look back on 2017

Time flies. It's been quite a year for as our product continues to improve. One of the great things about a managed services product is that it can continually improve without you even realizing it. The sign of a successful product feature is that it feels like it's always been there. Who can imagine life without it? Let's take a look at what we've improved just in the last 12 months...

Tighten up your TLS

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the encryption protocol used by all secure websites today.

Route all the things has always put a great value on customer flexibility. That flexibility at times can seem bewildering, however, as users have an ample supply of buttons and dials to to customize their application architecture, hosting, and workflow. In particular, the routing system built into every project offers an enormous amount of flexibility (single application, multi-application, microservice, arbitrary redirects, etc.), but how exactly does it work? Since we've just added new functionality for users hosting many domains, let's take this opportunity to take a deep dive into the routing system. Short version: You can now specify an {all} placeholder in .platform/routes.yaml that maps all incoming domains to the same application, making multi-domain applications much easier to manage. Long version:
Watch your inheritance by Larry Garfield

Watch your inheritance

PHP 7.2 introduced a neat new feature called "type widening". In short, it allows methods that inherit from a parent class or interface to be more liberal in what they accept (parameters) and more strict in what they return (return values) than their parent. In practice they can only do so by removing a type hint (for parameters) or adding one where one didn't exist before (return values), not for subclasses of a parameter. (The reasons for that are largely implementation details far too nerdy for us to go into here.) Still, it's a nice enhancement and in many ways makes PHP 7.2 more compatible with earlier, less-typed versions of PHP than 7.0 or 7.1 were. There's a catch, though: Because the PHP engine is paying more attention to parameter types than it used to, it means it's now rejecting more invalid uses than it used to. That's historically one of the main sources of incompatibilities between different PHP versions: Code that was technically wrong but the engine didn't care stops working when the engine starts caring in new version. Type widening is PHP 7.2's case of that change.
Ruby 2.5 by Ori Pekelman

Living on the edge with Ruby 2.5 (preview)

Many of you know as your go-to modern PHP cloud solution; A bunch of you have been running NodeJS for the last two years.
Gitlab by Ori Pekelman

GitLab Integration is here!

As you might know, allows you to create, on-the-fly, an ephemeral staging/development environment, on the cloud, for every git branch or pull-request.
Blog joins the prestigious French Tech Tour China 2017

Our Asia-Pacific team kicks off a whirlwind tour this week, with visits to Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing over the next two weeks.

Welcome to the world, PHP 7.2!

Today the PHP development team released the latest version of the web's favorite language, PHP 7.2.0. Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone that worked on it, especially release managers Sara Golemon and Remi Collet. You can already try it out on, of course.

Deploy API Platform on

  API Platform is probably the most feature-rich, well... platform, to build robust API driven backends from REST services to GraphQL.
SQL Injection update for WordPress

WordPress security updates, the quick way

Yesterday, the WordPress team along with security researcher Anthony Ferrara released a new version of WordPress, version 4.8.3 that fixes a significant security vulnerability. You can read more about the technical details of the exploit and the timeline of its report on Anthony's blog. The long and short of it is that if you're not already running WordPress 4.8.3, you need to upgrade.

Going Local with Lando aims to be a complete solution for web development and hosting, while at the same time offering the flexibility to slot into your own development tools and methodologies. That's a tricky balance to strike at times: Providing a complete solution while offering maximum flexibility at the same time.

Wildcard support for cookies in the HTTP cache now supports regular expressions for wildcard cookie matching at the cache layer.

The build-and-deploy pipeline

A repeatable and consistent build-and-deploy pipeline is an essential part of any modern web application.

Taking care of your health

One of our most requested features is better built-in monitoring and notification support for user projects. We've just made it easy monitor your projects' health.
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Screencast - Develop your Drupal 8 site with Drush, Composer and

In this tutorial we will see how to quickly deploy a new Drupal 8 site and build a couple of features, in a repeatable, testable and automated way, using a combination of Drupal’s configuration manag
Press joins Orange Cloud for Business at Huawei Connect 2017, Shanghai

Monday, September 4th – Paris, France: for immediate release

When your job is too tough for cron

Cron jobs are good. Cron jobs are nice. But sometimes, a Cron job just isn’t enough. Running a task now and again may be good for some jobs, but what if you have a really big task. A task that needs muscle from a long-running process.
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6 things to do to make your application cloud friendly

As Director of Developer Experience, I get to play with a number of different systems.
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Want to try Get started for free

If you've been thinking about using, but haven't dipped your toes yet, you might be interested to know that offers a free tri
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Hosting your TYPO3 website with Part 2 Branching and Workspaces

In the first article in this TYPO3 series, I explained that when you host TYPO3 at
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Why host your TYPO3 website with Part 1, Git and the Read Only file system

TYPO3 is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems, but it can only thrive if you leave it room to fully operate.
deploy down under

Deploy Down Under: is now available in Australia

Our game-changing Continuous Deployment web hosting is now available in an Australian region.

Containers old, containers new, memcached support, and PHP 7.2

One of the advantages of a fully container-based infrastructure is that we can roll out new versions of containers to support new service versions without impacting current users.
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Now available: Sovereign Hosting Solution in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Microsoft and announce availability of sovereign, end-to-end development and production hosting solution in Microsoft Cloud Germany