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Platform.sh launches white-label SaaS factory

24 October, 2018
Chris Yates
Chris Yates
VP of Marketing

New rapid-launch capabilities and APIs enable software companies to move to the cloud and create new recurring revenue businesses in weeks, not years

Platform.sh, the Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform that simplifies cloud infrastructure, today announced the availability of its white-label platform, which enables software companies and SaaS entrepreneurs to transform their existing on-premise software or build new SaaS businesses with unprecedented speed.

Organizations spend increasingly significant amounts of time and budget on the development and maintenance of infrastructure, distracting focus from the core value that they provide to their customers – amazing applications and digital experiences. Platform.sh allows them to put their energy towards exciting and engaging customers - rather than building teams and technical debt to manage tooling, servers, containers, and cloud infrastructure - and eliminates capital expenditures needed to launch new lines of business.

In a matter of days, Platform.sh can provide a fully branded experience for the rapid deployment of SaaS software, commerce apps, mobile back-ends, and web applications at scale, built in multiple languages or frameworks. This capability leverages Platform.sh’s API-first approach to development, its unique instant-cloning technology, and its complete “batteries included” continuous deployment workflow, where infrastructure becomes composable and managed with the same tools as application code. 

Partners simply need to provide basic branding information, load their existing application code as a template, decide on which cloud they want to settle within the options that Platform.sh provides (AWS, Azure and Orange or all of them) and then leverage Platform.sh’s robust billing and provisioning APIs to integrate with their existing business processes.

Magento Commerce (recently acquired by Adobe for $1.68B), eZ Systems, Sensio Labs (software vendor for Symfony), Orange, a leading global cloud company, and many early-stage SaaS entrepreneurs have built new business models on the Platform.sh white-label SaaS factory, leading to massive valuation increases, higher deal win rates, and better margins.

“We built Platform.sh to allow organizations to move faster and drive business transformation by investing in what their customers really care about: great experiences with their applications. Our white-label platform has driven valuation for software companies by helping them move from licensing to SaaS, and gives enterprises and digital agencies the ability to deliver reliably and consistently with less cost.”
– Frederic Plais, CEO, Platform.sh

“With Platform.sh’s new white-label platform, we’re able to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution for the development, deployment, and management of their content-centric projects - within just a few business days. This enables our customers to create engaging content faster than ever before, and allows us to generate new revenue streams through a SaaS delivery model.”    
– Roland Benedetti, Chief Product Officer, eZ Systems 

“We moved Magento from being just an on premises product, sending people code and launching it, to enabling them to buy a fully hosted version out-of-the-box. We enabled customers to do that really quickly, really easily, and really seamlessly.”
– Mark Lenhard, SVP Strategy, Magento Commerce, an Adobe Company

Creating a true SaaS product no longer requires massive investments, capital, or distraction from your core mission. With Platform.sh, businesses can launch and generate recurring revenue in weeks, not years.

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