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Mark Lenhard talks about the impact of cloud at Magento

"We moved Magento from being just an on premises product, sending people code and launching it, to enabling them to buy a fully hosted version out-of-the-box. We enabled customers to do that really quickly, really easily, and really seamlessly."
Mark Lenhard
SVP, Strategy & Growth at Magento Commerce, an Adobe Company

But don't just take our word for it … the best open-source software companies in the world partner with Platform.sh

We evaluated many PaaS providers for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, but Platform.sh was the obvious choice for us given their focus on the PHP community, background in eCommerce and the innovative continuous cloud integration tools provided by their PaaS.
Peter Sheldon
“I fell in love with Platform.sh. The strength of Platform.sh lies in its capacity to make complete ‘snapshots’ of an application, its software infrastructure, and the related data.”
Fabian Potencier, Symfony creator, SensioLabs partnership Platform.sh
Fabian Potencier
“Finally, developers can focus on code, and not on infrastructure. This means a lot for the business!”
Roland Benedetti eZ Systems partnership Platform.sh
Roland Benedetti