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Platform.sh and OVHcloud: a European sovereign PaaS solution

11 June, 2021

Platform.sh and OVHcloud today announced their partnership and launch of the “OVHcloud Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh”, which provides development teams with tools to build, run, and scale websites and applications.

The solution, 100% integrated into the range of products offered by OVHcloud, is the result of close collaboration between two champions of cloud computing in Europe. The two companies have designed a solution for businesses that require 100% data residency within Europe and that meets all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Combining the robust infrastructure of OVHcloud and the flexibility of Platform.sh technology, Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh allows businesses to simplify the development, deployment, and security of their web sites and applications. Platform.sh technology delivers best practices in security, traceability, and collaborative workflow while supporting all leading web technologies including Drupal, Symfony, Magento, WordPress, and Jamstack. It allows teams to deploy software written in PHP, Node.js, Python, Go, .Net, Java and more. The Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh enables teams of developers to focus on their code rather than infrastructure, and begin building sites quickly from a library of templates, or by importing their own applications. Platform.sh provides OVHcloud customers with integrated continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), control over roles and permissions, database services, and the ability to quickly scale their applications. Robust workflow tools allow all members of a team–from developers to designers to editors–to work in parallel across multiple environments to test and review changes easily to ensure successful launches.

The offer will be available via the OVHcloud website in multiple levels to suit freelancers, small groups, and larger teams. Enterprise offerings will be subsequently available from Platform.sh utilizing OVHcloud European datacenters.

“We are proud to announce this partnership with Platform.sh which once again proves the strength and importance of our ecosystem. Data control continues to win the concerns of users, and we want to support evolving needs in PaaS with trusted solutions that do not compromise on performance. Today we are taking an important step by jointly deploying a solution that revolutionizes the development of web projects. And we do it on a public cloud platform capable of guaranteeing its users the total integrity of their data. By integrating Platform.sh technology, we are confirming our shift towards PaaS and offering our European customers a solution that combines data sovereignty, simplicity and agility,” explains Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

“We are very enthusiastic about this partnership with OVHcloud, first of all because we have built together an ambitious, elegant and easy-to-use product (the “OVHcloud Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh”), which required a year of collaboration between our teams to design and integrate this join product aimed at meeting the needs of the web developers, with a commitment to automation, quality and economic efficiency. Secondly, because the Web PaaS will allow European startups and international businesses alike to get started more quickly since they can focus on their product rather than on infrastructure management. And finally because we share convictions on the importance of offering businesses a solution that provides all the necessary guarantees on respect for data and European laws” comments Frédéric Plais, CEO of Platform.sh.

About Platform.sh

Platform.sh is the end-to-end PaaS that enables organizations to build, run, and scale websites and apps in the languages and frameworks they need to innovate. We've created the leading web platform that scales as organizations grow. Whether building a single site or deploying and managing a fleet of applications worldwide, Platform.sh takes care of hosting, management, and DevOps, so businesses can focus on development with our included tools, APIs and workflows. Platform.sh is trusted by 5000+ organizations globally to create the best digital experiences.

About OVHcloud

OVHcloud is a global player and the European cloud leader operating more than 400,000 servers in its 32 data centers on 4 continents. For 20 years, the Group has relied on an integrated model that gives it complete control of its value chain: from the design of its servers to the construction and management of these data centers, including the orchestration of its network’s optical fiber. This unique approach allows it to independently cover all the uses of its 1.6 million customers in more than 140 countries. OVHcloud now offers latest generation solutions combining performance, price predictability and total sovereignty over their data to support their growth in complete freedom.

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