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Experts and Visionaries Love’s approach is very attractive. In my opinion it’s something of a killer application. It allows one to benefit from a production hosting solution integrated with a development and deployment workflow.
Fabian Potencier, Symfony creator on
We evaluated many PaaS providers for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, but was the obvious choice for us given their focus on the PHP community, background in eCommerce and the innovative continuous cloud integration tools provided by their PaaS.
Peter Sheldon
Aside from its intrinsic technical advantages, also fits the bill in delivering the mission-critical cloud hosting that TYPO3’s Enterprise user base is looking for. By partnering with Microsoft for hosting in international Azure data centers and Microsoft Cloud Germany, can offer sovereign, compliant and secure production hosting to TYPO3 users worldwide.
Olivier Dobberkau

Watch your inheritance

PHP 7.2 introduced a neat new feature called "type widening". In short, it allows methods that inherit from a parent class or interface to be more liberal in what they accept (parameters) and more strict in what they return (return values) than their parent. In practice they can only do so by removing a type hint (for parameters) or adding one where one didn't exist before (return values), not for subclasses of a parameter. (The reasons for that are largely implementation details far too nerdy for us to go into here.) Still, it's a nice enhancement and in many ways makes PHP 7.2 more compatible with earlier, less-typed versions of PHP than 7.0 or 7.1 were. There's a catch, though: Because the PHP engine is paying more attention to parameter types than it used to, it means it's now rejecting more invalid uses than it used to. That's historically one of the main sources of incompatibilities between different PHP versions: Code that was technically wrong but the engine didn't care stops working when the engine starts caring in new version. Type widening is PHP 7.2's case of that change.