Who really holds the power of the IT purse?

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Who really holds the power of the IT purse?

There’s been a decided shift in IT purchase decision-making. Today, marketers hold nearly half of IT budgets. That means you, as a marketer, have tremendous power within your broader organization.

Wield it without strategic purpose, and you might find yourself losing revenue to competitors. Unable to effectively engage customers. Or entangled in a web of disparate tools and technologies that would frighten even your most level-headed IT counterparts.

Wield that power wisely—adapting to new normals—and you win long-term customer loyalty, dominate competitors, generate revenue, and gain well-deserved recognition.

What’s happening with marketing spend?

Industry analysts and researchers reported their observations about and projections for the growth and direction of marketing spend. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered shifts in marketing priorities and investments, presenting challenges—and opportunities.

$146 billion

It’s predicted that digital marketing spend will reach US$146 billion by 2023, increasing at a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).1

50 %

By 2021, line-of-business managers will fund half of IT spending, increasingly making decisions independently and without the approval of IT departments.2

30.3 %

Marketers experienced no changes in their overall marketing budgets during the pandemic.3

26.2 %

Martech has stayed strong over the past year, maintaining just over 1/4 of marketing budgets, despite, or because of, uncertain times.4

Use your power for good

As you consider investing in the technology that underpins your marketing strategy, think beyond your CMS or ecommerce framework to how your websites are developed and where they’re hosted.

Look for a platform that:

Supports high volumes of customer traffic (that you’ll be driving)—robustly and reliably.

Provides tools to help rapidly try out and deliver unique, innovative digital experiences that build customer trust, move them to take action, and cement them to your brand.

Secures your websites, enables you to manage regulatory compliance, establish governance, and mitigate risks—avoiding costly events that negatively impact marketplace perception.

Here’s how Platform.sh—a Platform-as-a-Service—can help you meet your KPIs, giving you the agility to shift gears quickly as the market demands.

Faster time to market

Product launches. Campaigns. Competitive pressures. Getting these key initiatives in market quickly relies on innovation and creativity.


Marketers agreed that the number of different tools they use to simplify their work actually makes work more complicated.5

What’s getting in your way?

Learning and managing disparate martech tools, waiting for a change to be made on your website, procurement, IT approvals—all eat into, well, marketing.

How Platform.sh supports you

Business agility

Market shifts, competitive analyses, and customer demand serve as catalysts for you to pivot quickly (and gracefully), making informed decisions that position you as a revenue-generator.


Marketers believe that the increased value customers placed on digital experience during the pandemic will remain high and never return to pre-pandemic levels.6

What’s getting in your way?

Workflow bottlenecks, cumbersome processes, and limited visibility into project progress slow everything to a crawl. Without the right tools to tackle each project, your dev team’s creativity is hamstrung.

How Platform.sh supports you

Customer experience

COVID-19 has reminded us all how vital it is to develop authentic, transparent customer connections that engender trust. By focusing on customer success, you can establish credibility and deepen those relationships.


Customers indicated they would stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience. If your customers are dissatisfied, they can—and will—switch to another provider.7

What’s getting in your way?

For customers who have immediate needs—or seek immediate gratification—sluggish response times and website performance (including outages) degrade the remarkable experiences you’re creating and may catapult customers toward competitors.

How Platform.sh supports you


Health and public safety restrictions swung doors wide open for you to gain momentum with your overall growth strategy, attracting new customers and engaging more meaningfully with current ones to win their loyalty and brand advocacy.


Marketers focused on building brand and retaining customers during COVID-19.8

What’s getting in your way?

When your website can’t accommodate explosive customer interest and sales, your shiny brand can tarnish. Efforts to quickly try out new marketing tactics? Stalled. It takes too long to launch them across your company’s multiple web properties.

How Platform.sh supports you


Global brand Mentos managed, hosted, developed, and maintained all of its websites locally. Even a simple design change required each national marketing manager to alert a local agency to make and test the change: costly and time-consuming.


Flexible, global digital marketing platform now powers all Mentos’ local websites. Developed by agency and Platform.sh partner Burst, the platform is managed centrally and applies a holistic approach to governance. Who said one is the loneliest number?

Millions of dollars

Savings Mentos realizes each year by adopting a centralized platform that eliminates the need to engage local agencies in every geography.


Individual Mentos websites can be customized on a national level, giving each geography the autonomy to showcase its own content, ecommerce, campaigns, and marketing activities.


Local Mentos marketers’ input was incorporated into the platform. The marketers formed a tightly knit community of talent who can now measure their performance against peers and share best practices.

“The Platform.sh infrastructure enables us to stay ahead of the curve, while keeping our processes and costs both manageable and efficient.”

Daan Simonis, Global Media & Digital Marketing Director, Perfetti Van Melle

The whole Burst + Mentos story

Find out how Platform.sh can help you deliver on your KPIs

With Platform.sh, you can invest your budget wisely in a highly reliable, security-rich, flexible foundation for your websites and apps. Collaboratively, cost-effectively, and quickly launch extraordinary customer experiences—with a single set of tools your IT team approves. And your developers cheer.

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