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Powering Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

The strongest eCommerce PaaS

Magento, the leading ecommerce provider chose us to power and operate their cloud solution. was built from day 1 to be the perfect tool for high-traffic ecommerce websites.

Workflow and deployment provides a sophisticated development & testing workflow plus an indestructible deployment process, deserving of a complex transactional eCommerce application. Once out of your chosen repository, code is managed internally to by git, and in lockstep with infrastructure resources, files, configurations and data.

On-demand branching provides the developer a full-stack copy of the master environment in less than 30 seconds. Every feature is built and tested as if in production, so when it eventually arrives in live, you know it will behave exactly as expected.

A new developer can be authenticated into and have their own branch of the master environment within 10 minutes of starting. Access can be limited to read-only, edit and push within the specific branches you want them to work on.

Easy Updates

Many applications require patching for security updates, which is a tedious and risky process. Using Composer and Git on, this takes just 30 seconds, with an absolute guarantee that nothing will break. With, security updates get deployed as soon as they become available.

Security patching is very straightforward! Wait 30 seconds to creating a new branch, add the patch, test it and then merge to live. No more waiting hours for rsync and Mysql dumps to finish.

Continuous Integration and testing

Communicating with through the GUI, CLI or the API allows many different ways to automate and drive behaviour within your workflow, hugely improving overall development velocity. Every branch has its own URL to a live running web-site, making human testing and approvals up to 90% faster.

Pushing changes to live with maximum confidence

Because every development, test and staging branch is an exact byte-for-byte copy of the master, every new feature successfully tested and pushed upstream is a practice push to the live environment. This means that you can make changes into the live environment in full confidence that nothing will go wrong.

Savings and operational management improvements

Many of our customers will reference savings in their new development workflow of between 15-40% per annum. See the Reiss Case Study which details huge improvements in technical management time, the testing and UAT process, elimination of DevOps, and improvements in coding accuracy and design velocity. You can read here: our Reiss Case Study

Awesome site performance - makes customers happy

Managed Caching and 50+ CDN edge locations has a fully managed CDN integration that not only provides fine-grain control but also rapid invalidation. Our double caching layer with a reverse-caching-proxy at the origin and a distributed edge network allows for incredible TTFB (time to first byte).

Our managed services allow caching static objects such as images, scripts and videos and they also allow Full Page Caches (FPC) with advanced features such as Edge-Side-Includes by default.

Awesome performance powered by Micro-Containers

At the heart of our system is an extremely powerful grid of linux micro-containers with unequaled density in the industry. This means we separate each and every component of the system, dynamically allocating CPU shares and memory, while every container has an extremely minimal overhead. All of this allows us to deliver much higher performance on a GB/GB and Ghz/Ghz comparison. runs your installation using a multi-layered HTTP stack that makes full use of all the cores on the machine, unlike a traditional Apache-based hosting solution. Behind the scenes, PHP is running with PHP-FPM and Nginx processes so you can serve many more authenticated clients on CPU heavy tasks (such as the Admin pages).

And we run all of this on fast SSDs with guaranteed IOPs to offer blazing speeds and smooth operation.

Awesome Reliability

Awesome reliability - optimises revenue

Where other providers offer you a network-only SLA and a two-datacenter fallback setup (which means if any one of the two experiences trouble or higher latency, you are more than likely in trouble), can offer a triple redundant setup, in three separate datacenters, all playing as masters, all serving traffic, so you don’t pay for idle machines.

We could lose a whole datacenter and you wouldn’t feel it. Every component of the system has this triple redundancy, not only the database: caches, search engines, static files, everything.

Zero Transaction Loss - Through Multi-Master Clustering triple redundant multi-master architecture offers a 100% transactional guarantee, meaning you will never experience lost data or incomplete transactions.

Other N-tier architectures may only offer master/slave configurations for ‘psuedo resilience’, in which intermittent network failures can force multiple slave promotions, resulting in downtime, or worse: inconsistent transactions leaving the customer thinking they’ve bought something, the payment service provider with their money, and you with no idea how many sales you actually made or lost!

99.99% uptime guarantee - high availability architecture & multiple availability zones capabilities

Our triple redundant high availability (HA) setup allows us to give you a 99.99% guaranteed SLA. Despite serious enormous spikes, not a single eCommerce customer suffered a service interruption over the 4 day Black Friday weekend last November 2015.

Instant scaling - with zero application downtime

Horizontal & vertical scaling with no application interruption. Start small, and scale big as needed. Traditional hosting requires a lot of expensive compute resources in reserve because they can’t scale up quickly enough. We can scale up immediately for unexpected peaks. This means savings from not having to buy capacity in advance.

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