How to manage hundreds of websites with a single command

This guide will introduce you to the concept of FleetOps and how you can use it to manage your websites efficiently, securely, and predictably

What is FleetOps?

You’re familiar with DevOps: combining software development and IT operations to shorten development life cycle and supply continuous delivery. FleetOps delivers the same promise of speed, security, and predictability, but scales it across thousands of websites and applications.

Why you need a FleetOps strategy

If you haven’t incorporated FleetOps into your website fleet strategy, then you’re feeling the results. Your IT expenditures are swelling alarmingly, your digital teams are working at cross-purposes, and your security protocols are patchy and difficult to coordinate.

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FleetOps - The brief

What’s in the brief?

“FleetOps: the secret to managing your growing website fleet” breaks down the benefits of incorporating FleetOps into your website fleet strategy. You’ll get an overview of how a FleetOps strategy can increase the effectiveness of teams across your entire organization. FleetOps will bring out the best in your:

  • Security team
  • Digital team
  • Development team
  • CIO & IT team