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Christopher Skene
Christopher Skene
Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
31 Jul 2017
Drupal 9

Deploy our Drupal 9 template for free

Deploy on Platform.sh

If you've been thinking about using Platform.sh, but haven't dipped your toes yet, you might be interested to know that Platform.sh offers a free trial for new users.

This trial gives you full access to the Platform.sh development stack, including continuous deployment, a full development environment on each Git branch, seamless cloning, as well as access to ticketed support and our Slack channel to help get you started.

Maybe you want to see if your site works with PHP 7.2 before go-live, or perhaps you have a Python or Ruby project you want to build? Maybe you're keen to try out a CMS using Go, or you are wondering about our beta support for Java? You can try all these things with a free trial, and more... There's even a one-click install for Drupal or Symfony.

We'll also extend a helping hand if you've had a trial in the past but didn't follow through... just create a support ticket and we'll be happy to give you a fresh month on your trial for free.

If you have more complicated requirements, want to talk to someone about our agency program, or need a bit of help first, drop us a line via our contact form and we'll be happy to help.

Start your free trial here...

Chris is Platform.sh's engagement lead in the Asia-Pacific, helping clients get started with Platform.sh. You can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.