A solution that's more than cloud hosting.

With Platform.sh, deploying 20 times a day, while being hit with peak traffic on Friday, becomes something normal to do.
Measured Impact

Built for better productivity

Unlimited concurrent staging environments eliminates QA bottlenecks and allow for continuous deployments.
Less DevOps effort
Testing each feature in perfect isolation is how agile was supposed to be and for the first time, can be.
Faster User Acceptance Testing
Fast onboarding of new developers increases flexibility and empowers remote work.
Better developer productivity

Some of the most innovative websites in the universe host on Platform.sh

Customer Success

This global retailer said goodbye to website outages forever when they switched to Platform.sh. Find out how they saved 60% in hosting costs and gained faster speed in site development.

  • 60% overall savings in hosting and resources
  • 20% design velocity
  • 16% extra development capacity 
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