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Our final event of the year and biggest announcement to date: the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 round up

03 Jan, 2024
LeToya Boyne
LeToya Boyne
Senior Events Marketing Manager

That’s a wrap, people! Our final event of the year has come to an end, and what a way to close out 2023. We’ve rounded up our best bits from SymfonyCon Brussels this month, including all of our expert sessions—now available on-demand—and the key details you should know about the big announcement we shared live at the event.

1,000 attendees. 20 Platformers. 11 expert sessions.

If you joined us at SymfonyCon this year, we hope you got the opportunity to swing by a few of the sessions our Platform.sh and Blackfire teams had on offer. Taking to the stage to share their expert knowledge in various sessions on topics like Blackfire application observability, Kaizen-inspired DevOps, taming container environment management, and much more.

All of our sessions from SymfonyCon 2023 are now available to watch on-demand.

A photo of Fabien Potencier, Chief Product Officer at Platform.sh, presenting the opening keynote speech at SymfonyCon 2023. A photo of Sukhman Virk, Product Director at Platform.sh, and Shawna Spoor, Engineering Director at Platform.sh, preparing to present their talking session on the product trio at SymfonyCon 2023. Not pictured, Natalie Harper, VP of Product Design, who also presented virtually. A photo of Thomas di Luccio, DevRel Engineer at Platform.sh, presenting his talking session at SymfonyCon 2023 on Blackfire observability.

It all started with a giant cheese game

There’s never a dull moment at the Platform.sh booth, but at SymfonyCon this year, we had one of the sweetest moments ever—and it all started with a giant cheese game.

Yes, you read that correctly, a giant cheese game—gruyère specifically. At the booth this year, we set up a game (see the photo below) where players had to navigate a small, silver ball from the bottom of the large gruyère cheese board to the top without the ball ever falling into one of the many gruyère holes. It was a tricky challenge and one that the SymfonyCasts team’s kid was ready to take on no less than 60 times. The kid was determined to win the Darth Vader LEGO set prize we had on offer for people who could make it to the top. Returning time and time again trying to make it happen, but sadly couldn’t quite get the technique. But not all heroes wear capes.

Shortly after the kid had given up his quest for the LEGO set and went back to enjoy SymfonyCon with his parents, Tim Huijzers, stepped up to take on the gruyère game. Before long he had mastered the technique, making it all the way to the top without a hitch, placing him in the draw for the coveted Darth Vader LEGO set. Well, it was Tim’s lucky day, and as it turned out, the kid’s lucky day too. Tim’s name was pulled from the draw as our winner, allowing him to claim the LEGO prize which he immediately gifted to the kid who’d been trying so hard to win it—how sweet!

A photo of Tim Huijzers who won a Darth Vader LEGO set in the Platform.sh SymfonyCon booth game with Thomas di Luccio, DevRel Engineer at Platform.sh. A photo of the giant cheese board game which was available at the Platform.sh booth at SymfonyCon Brussels 2023.

Introducing Upsun

It was our big moment. The moment to share the product we’ve been working on for months, investing countless hours into design, development, and testing, and SymfonyCon Brussels was the moment to share it with a live developer audience.

Upsun, a new PaaS offering powered by Platform.sh

Frontends and backends. Monoliths and microservices. APIs and transactional datastores. On any IaaS provider. Upsun, a bright, new offering from Platform.sh, empowers development teams with the flexibility to build—and the firepower to run—diverse applications on a single, self-service Platform-as-a-Service.

By fully managing infrastructure and security, Upsun increases application reliability and frees every developer to easily experiment and quickly iterate using familiar tools and streamlined, Git-based workflows. Then confidently and continuously deploy applications at scale.

Upsun’s cornerstones: flexibility over resource allocation for each project component and the ability to scale them independently based on project needs. Built around features that span unlimited preview environments (including all your data), with custom domains; horizontal and vertical scaling; fine-grained permissions, and teams to facilitate collaboration; detailed application performance management; and a fair, transparent, usage-based pricing model, Upsun expands developer and engineer project control.

A usage-based resources approach enables organizations to align cost and carbon footprint—helping lower total cost of ownership while providing data-driven, greener options for project deployment. Detailed observability offers valuable, actionable insights into application behavior to guide efficiency improvements and application performance optimization. Powered by the stable, reliable Platform.sh architecture. Adopted and trusted by 16,000+ developers and 7,000 customers, and proven over the last 8 years. Backed by expert, global, follow-the-sun support. And an up to 99.99% uptime SLA per project. Some of the reasons why organizations count on Upsun to support their applications—day in and day out. Discover Upsun.

On behalf of our team, thank you for another great year! Who knows, maybe we’ll catch you at SymfonyCon Vienna 2024.

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Our final event of the year and biggest announcement to date: the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 round up

Our final event of the year and biggest announcement to date: the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 round up

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