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Meet Upsun. The new, self-service, fully managed PaaS, powered by Platform.sh.Try it now

Deliver applications faster, at-scale

Save 25% dev time and boost app delivery*

Do DevOps differently with Platform.sh. Our ready-to-use platform empowers you to move faster by enabling you to deploy more efficiently, eliminate workflow bottlenecks, and reduce onboarding. No more delayed projects or resource constraints, our platform is built for developers, by developers to help your team sustainably accelerate their operations. Remove the complexity of DevOps and give your team back the time they need to focus on the tasks where they can deliver the most value.

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Our platform serves over 5,000 customers worldwide

Upgrade your DevOps capabilities

Optimize your infrastructure management and operational performance with one platform using whichever framework or programming language you prefer. We help automate and standardize the deployment and operations of your applications enabling your team to move faster and deliver the best user experiences with minimal build, run, and scale processes required.

Manage infrastructure seamlessly

Provisioning, packaging, deploying, testing, data managing, code monitoring, scaling, operations, security, compliance, access control—there's a lot to get done. That's why we engineered our platform to standardize those processes for you. With Platform.sh, you can reduce the cognitive load of DevOps on your team and allow your infrastructure management to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Access the latest tech updates

Stop updating and start innovating. With Platform.sh, you can easily upgrade and use the latest versions of your preferred languages, frameworks, services, and runtimes as soon as possible - no manual input required. And with over 100 frameworks and 14 programming languages available on our platform to choose from - building your applications the way you want to has never been easier.

Onboard faster from one piece

Platform.sh makes onboarding quick and simple. It takes just a couple of minutes to clone your production site and grant access to newly created environments. And with our Git-based system, your team can easily access your applications' entire project history from the start. With this shared project history and easy data cloning, you don't need to spend any time managing instrastructure -everything is ready with a git push.

Protect your data and compliance

From GDPR to HIPAA to cybersecurity, it's difficult to keep up with the latest regulations and security measures - so why not let us do it for you? With Platform.sh, you have full control of your data because you own it all from the start. You can also rest assured that the privacy and security of your applications is our top priority as we ensure that we meet all necessary compliance certifications and standards worldwide.

Greener application development

The IT sector accounts for 4% of global carbon emissions (Belkhir & Elemeligi, 2018) and we're on a mission to reduce that through our MODE strategy for greener hosting. By accurately measuring our collective carbon emissions, optimizing code performance, deploying to greener energy regions, and investing in our own research for greener solutions.

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DevOps done differently

Take a look how our platform is helping our clients to optimize application deliver below:

Uppler + Platform.sh: Onboarding customers 10x faster

g2 leader winter 2022

We don't think or talk about deployments anymore

They take care of running the application so we can focus to build it

-Sébastien M.
Five star rating
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*This is based on the Platform.sh Forester TEI report available here.

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