Shiny, new management console

Ori Pekelman
Ori Pekelman
11 Apr 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that our new management console is now available to all customers. It’s all new, but should also feel familiar and intuitive to current users. 

You can try our new console right now: And we’d love your feedback! 

New console

What’s new in the console

**A stronger foundation ** We’ve rewritten the console from the ground up to be faster, more responsive, and to provide better access to core features of the API. Staying true to our polyglot ethos, it’s a 100 percent decoupled application, written in React. The new console—now standardized across all of our global regions—makes the interface to your projects universal, regardless of where they’re running.

**Visualization of your services: macro, micro, or anything in-between ** has always been about giving you flexibility and freedom to deliver your greatest-ever applications—without having to worry about supporting the infrastructure behind them. Now, we’ve made it easier to see multiple apps and services with our service grid that visualizes the relationships between the containers creates for each environment. It’s great for teams developing microservices projects: you can tell at a glance how the topology of your app has changed in different branches. And this is just a teaser; we plan on building out more functionality in this services graph in the near future!

Usability features—based on your input Our research and extensive conversations with current and prospective customers deepened insights to help shape the new console. With these insights and through rigorous development and testing, we feel great that we’ve built a solid foundation for future features. And we’ve made it easier to move between the console and the Command Line Interface (CLI), with easy-to-copy commands at your fingertips.

Get ready for more shininess Our new web management console is just the beginning! In the near future, look for product enhancements for agencies and enterprises with large dev teams who manage many different projects. And there’s much more on the way!

We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think about the new console. Let us know!!

Need help? Submit a support ticket. Or chat with us on our public Slack channel by using @platform to tag us.