is ready to make an Impact in China

24 Jan 2018

Shortly after the success of the prestigious French Tech Tour China 2017, is excited to be invited to join the elite Impact China 2018 program organized by BpiFrance, the leading French investment bank, and Business France, the French national agency for international business development.

The goal of Impact China 2018 is to help and coach a handful of specially selected “China ready” startups to expand their operations in the Middle Kingdom, giving them all the tools and connections necessary to be successful in that market.

Commencing with a bootcamp in Paris in January, the five startups will then participate in an intensive, customized, five-week program, split into three successive missions between March and September 2018. The program is customized for each startup based on their needs, supported by the Business France offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong-Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan.

Through Impact China, aims to bring its unique continuous deployment cloud hosting service to the region in 2018, offering companies the ability to deploy web applications and services both inside and outside China using the same “NoOps” tooling, on dedicated, High Availability cloud hosting. is a container-based solution providing advanced developer workflow built into a layer of automation and High Availability. This adds significant business value and live service resilience on top of any OpenStack IaaS.

Augustin Delaporte (General Manager China)

The French Tech Tour 2017 gave us the opportunity to start discussions with major players in China’s tech industry, and was a huge success for us. The opportunity to cement those relationships in 2018 is of critical importance to us as we prepare to add China to our list of deployment targets. Our aim with Impact is to secure the partner relationship that will make this a success. 

Frederic Plais (CEO)

Coming to China has been our priority right from the beginning of It is not always easy for companies outside China to manage their assets inside the Great Firewall, so we aim to make that simple, with the collaboration of a strong local partner. We’re really excited about the prospects, and hope to be the solution-of-choice for those wishing to deploy anywhere in the world, but especially in the Middle Kingdom.


Click here to read more about Impact China 2018 (in French)