Our Black Friday gift: 10,000 CPUs, overnight without downtime

Chris Yates
VP of Marketing
16 Nov 2018
Drupal 9

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Black Friday may be just a week away, but shoppers have already started descending on ecommerce sites everywhere. “The new normal” in online retail is that bargain hunters are starting earlier than ever. With thousands of Magento, Drupal Commerce, and custom storefronts running on Platform.sh, that means it’s time to add capacity to handle that demand.

In the DIY world, adding capacity often means either downtime, or unpredictable changes in cost as auto-scaling algorithms do their thing—or sometimes both. Regardless, setup and management of scaling, with high availability for each tier of an application, comes at a cost in terms of DevOps time and technology.

Platform.sh customers have been able to have their ecommerce storefronts upsized for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week seamlessly, with no effort or investment on their part—and without downtime for their customers. 

Just last night, we launched more than 10,000 CPUs worth of capacity, across hundreds of customers, in seven different regions worldwide. When the traffic crush is over, returning to normal levels will be just as easy and seamless–delivering both the performance online shoppers expect and the budget predictability merchants need.

And of course, our customer success team will be fully staffed to support our customers on Black Friday.

Are you expecting big traffic changes? Just open a ticket with our team and let them know. Tired of operating on brittle infrastructure? You can contact our sales team to find out you can Deploy on Friday with confidence–even on Black Friday.