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Next-gen Platform.sh Partner Program launches

10 December, 2019
Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter

New benefits, potential for web development agency partners

Platform.sh was born from the belief that we could improve the process of software development, enhance developer experience, and create an amazing product. We believed there was a better way to do things that would add efficiencies, and, if successful, we could change how agencies and developers think, build, and create.

Since our initial launch—or even prior to—we’ve relied on partners to help guide us on our journey. We’ve experienced tremendous growth and evolution since that launch, and we feel it’s time to deepen our partner engagement further.

We’re pleased to announce the next generation of the Platform.sh Partner Program, dedicated to establishing an even more collaborative approach to working with our web development agency partners.

The goal of this next-gen program is to enable partners to be even more successful when choosing Platform.sh as their preferred PaaS for development. To accomplish this, we’re committed to fostering strategic business alignment, creating a sense of community, and providing opportunities for partner growth through training, support, preferred pricing, and potential business opportunities.

Even greater partner benefits

With the new Partner Program, we’re introducing additional tiers—Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond (Reseller)—and benefits to accommodate all types of agencies, creating additional value at each step of engagement.

The Platform.sh Partner Portal offers a one-stop shop for a variety of resources, from training and certification to marketing and sales benefits, in addition to learning modules to help your team grow.

Strategic business alignment: looking ahead to 2020

The new Partner Program provides opportunities to help further position our mutual vision and business value through co-marketing and referral business.

The launch of our new Partner Program opens opportunities to create additional business value for our partners. To this end, we’re in the planning stages of kicking off two primary initiatives: Market Development Funds (MDF) and Application Support.

The MDF initiative will launch in Q2 2020 and will make funds available to partners to subsidize some of the costs incurred through various business activities, such as marketing campaigns, client events, and in some cases, even conference attendance. MDF will be available to all Silver Tier partners and above through an application process in the Partner Portal.

Also set to launch in 2020: the Platform.sh Application Support Program. At Platform.sh, we’ve steered away from offering application support, so we’re not competing with our partners for these services. Historically, however, we missed some opportunities by not providing a full-service customer experience. To help ensure a win-win for both partners and Platform.sh, we’ve begun to plan out an application support service, where Plarform.sh subcontracts the application support portions of contracts directly to our partners.

We invite your team to become an extension of ours through the Application Support Program. Once we’ve worked out all of the details for this initiative, we’ll update the Partner Portal with instructions about how to apply.

How to get started

We are always looking to partner with the best of the best. If you manage or work for a digital agency and would like to experience the benefits of becoming a Platform.sh Partner, we’d love to hear from you.

Explore why Platform.sh is the most flexible platform for digital agencies, then dive into complete Partner Program details in our Program Guide.

If you’d like to see the product for yourself prior to registering for the program, you can start a free trial.

Join us for a walkthrough of the next-gen Platform.sh Partner Program. We’ll review the guidelines, benefits, and how to take advantage of the wealth of resources in our just-launched Partner Portal.

  • Date: 13 January 2020
  • Time: 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST
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