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Perfectly Lovely, Astonishingly Tremendous, Fabulously Outstanding, Remarkably Magnificent, Serene & Happy 2016.

January 26, 2016
Ori Pekelman
Ori Pekelman

We couldn’t let January end without wishing you all the best for the upcoming year. A year can be a very, very long and eventful thing full of accomplishments and joy.

The wild ride

For us, last year was a wild ride. When 2015 started - it seems so long ago now - we were just a few months out of beta after two years of R&D, bringing the most advanced Drupal hosting solution to the market.

By the end of the year we were hosting more than a thousand sites many of which are large eCommerce and media websites, and everything went absolutely quietly over the demanding times of end-of-year sales. On Black Friday PagerDuty stayed silent. Our triple redundant high-availability infrastructure kept its promises.

Award winning!

We won a couple of prestigious awards and the European Union thought we were cool enough to award us a 2M€ grant to press-on with our R&D efforts. Our team grew: we welcomed Simon, Csaba and Brad, Andrew, Florian and Doug and we are still hiring. New faces are nice and our team now spans 8 countries, and we run sites in more than 120 countries (not that many unchecked boxes left).

An eventful year

2015 was eventful in Paris where are headquarters are, with too many tragedies, and at times it was hard to keep focus, but the response to Platform.sh was tremendous and kept us energized and optimistic and we have to thank our many customers and incredible partners not only for their support and trust but also for being demanding.

Pushing the boundaries

Because of you we are driven to push the boundaries further!

In 2015 we made the most advanced Drupal hosting even more tremendous, with HHVM support, PHP7 support, Drupal 8.0 (we are hosting the largest Drupal 8.0 sites), we made the managed CDN integration even better, added seamless Bitbucketand Blackfire.io integrations, we released a new documentation web and a new management interface, our CLI gained incredible new functionalities… we added support for multiple applications in the same cluster so you can go Headless … or make hybrid applications… and these are only the changes that are visible to our clients: internally we have made leaps and bounds performing high-end rocket surgery on our hyper-dense-high-availability-micro-container-grid to get more runtime performance and better/faster operations. Due to popular demand, we started offering a free trial allowing you to try us out and set up a new Drupal site with a couple of minutes.

Going deeper and further

But you asked for more. Many of our agency partners were not doing only Drupal work and wanted to do everything on Platform.sh, so…

In 2015 we added Symfony support, (and later in the year offered as the default cloud solution for Symfony on https://symfony.com/download … ), we added PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB and RabbitMQ. We added Python, Ruby, Java and NodeJS build-time support. Then we added a NodeJS runtime (did you know you can deploy NodeJS applications to Platform.sh?). We started having Laravel and WordPress clients, then many bespoke PHP applications. We ramped up our support for all of those. Some of our agency partners chose Magento, so we worked hard on creating the most productive environment for Magento hosting and development!

Scaling the scalability

But you asked for more. Some of our clients needed a hosting solution to handle not a couple of sites but hundreds of managed sites. So we added the private cloud region offering. We added our managed site factory option (some of our clients are SaaS providers .. they just fire up a new instance for every new client). And as always we kept everything simple. A couple of Yaml files, and everything, absolutely everything automated.

But you asked for more. Some of our clients wanted to be able to host the production sites themselves on-premises or with a European cloud provider while still retaining the incredible productivity gains the public Amazon cloud provides.. so we made that a reality. In 2015 we added the capability of having a managed PaaS running in your own datacenter!

2015 was a wild ride and through an eventful year, thanks to you, we had a great time.


...We wish you bigger, more demanding projects, for you to keep asking us for more and a Perfectly Lovely, Astonishingly Tremendous, Fabulously Outstanding, Remarkably Magnificent, Serene & Happy 2016.

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