Deploy Down Under: is now available in Australia

Christopher Skene
Christopher Skene
Regional Business Development Manager Asia Pacific
03 Jul 2017

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Our game-changing Continuous Deployment web hosting is now available in an Australian region.

Customers in Australia, New Zealand and other nearby areas can benefit immediately from our new, next-generation Australian cloud region, which allows you to deploy PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and Python projects in sizes up to 7GB, with full access to the complete development stack. ups the game for hosting in Australia, with a technology platform that is unmatched by any local supplier, featuring on-the-fly creation of complete testing environments for every Git branch, seamless scaling, and true Continuous Deployment capability. Our new Australian region is auto-balancing and auto-healing, ensuring that every site is available and performant.

Frederic Plais, CEO of, is extremely enthusiastic about's entry into the Australian market:

We believe we have the best hosting product on the market today. It’s unique. The launch of our Australian region is huge news for anyone building websites in Australia or New Zealand. Now, everyone has access to Continuous Deployment hosting with the benefits of low latency that a local cloud provides. 

The service itself will run out of the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) region, providing excellent connectivity, low latency and reliability to customers across Australia and New Zealand.

New customers can sign up for a free trial and deploy a site in minutes. Existing customers wishing to try out the new region risk-free should drop us a line via our contact form or our Slack channel.