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Platform.sh elected Best Horizontal Cloud Platform of the year

10 July, 2015
Augustin Delaporte
Augustin Delaporte
VP Product

Today, for the 1st edition of the CLOUD WEEK Paris, we have just won the trophy of the Best Cloud Services for horizontal markets granted by the jury of EuroCloud France.

After only 1 year of launch, we’re very excited to have received this award. This really demonstrates the interest and added value that Platform.sh is bringing to its customers.

Eurocloud Tweet

Our pitch at Eurocloud Paris

Do you know how many times the teams at amazon.com deploy new features to production per day? The answer is dozens of times per minute!!

When we compare this number to the frequency of deployment of the web organizations we know around us, it clearly is a different order of magnitude. More than once per month is already not so bad!

And however, if you ask the marketing teams, it’s far from enough. Nowadays, marketing teams spend their entire days analyzing data and working on improvements on their sites to boost traffic, conversion, abandoned carts…

Thanks to Platform.sh, increasing your number of deployments per day and working like Amazon is no longer science fiction.

Platform.sh is a Platform-as-a-Service that does two things:

  • It runs websites, including massives ones and provides High Availability (99,99% guaranteed uptime)
  • It has completely automated every step to move from production to development, enabling to create development branches on the fly in couple of seconds. The marketing teams can now test new features in isolation on a dedicated URL. Approve. Merge. You’re live! You can now repeat the operation (Rinse & Repeat, hum?).

This real Continuous Delivery workflow provides the marketing teams the agility they need to face the challenges of running a content or eCommerce website nowadays.

This seems simple, and it is for the users. However, to get there, 3 years of R&D have been necessary. Our current team is today a top-notch team of 13 engineers, working fiercely and proudly to build the best PaaS ever. We announced a few weeks back that we have the support of the European Commission to continue delivering an ambitious roadmap.

Platform.sh also already is a commercial success. We now have hundreds of clients all over the world, including some very large ones like Vivienne Westwood, Flixbus, Seloger.com, the British Council, the retailer Reiss, Chronopost, the South America giant El Universo, or The Asterix Park, Sudoschweiz and many, many others.

We thank the Jury for selecting us for this meaningful award.

We’re humbled and grateful.

In July, Paris is the European capital of Cloud

The first edition of the CLOUD WEEK shows great ambition: bring together 4,000 participants from all Europe and make Paris and the Ile de France region the European capital of Cloud Computing.

The event was initiated by EuroCloud France and aims at uniting all stakeholders of the Cloud: builders, editors, integrators, companies and user organisations, academics… in order to promote the use of Cloud technologies to the French companies.

This week, intends to shed a new light on Cloud Computing. It was thought as a great gathering of energies and initiatives around the Cloud. Though the project was initiated by EuroCloud, its nature is to gather: any organisation interested in putting on an event around the Cloud, whatever its form, is most welcome.

For Pierre-José Billotte, EuroCloud France President, “It is by calling on public or private organisations, so that they become co-creators of the event, that we will create a common momentum and make all aware of our strength”.

The CDRT, CIGREF, Cloud Confidence, Forum Atena, the ISEP engineering school and Transition Numérique + participate to the event.

About the Cloud Trophies

As they do every year the jury of EuroCloud France will award 6 trophies to 6 companies chosen from hundreds of candidates:

  • Best Cloud Start Up
  • Best Client Cas
  • Best Cloud Services for horizontal markets
  • Best Cloud Services for vertical markets
  • Best Cloud Services Infrastructure
  • Best Migration service to the Cloud

The winners of the EuroCloud France trophies are qualified to the Europe EuroCloud TrophiesRead more about the Cloud Trophies.

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