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Automated code updates

automationsource operationsfleetsecurity
15 April, 2022
Augustin Delaporte
Augustin Delaporte
VP Product

Do you manage critical applications that require your team’s attention and effort, to remain secure, compliant, or simply up to date?

Are you worried when you hear about a vulnerability in a framework that you might be using somewhere in your fleet of applications, but maybe not?

Stop worrying, we’ve got your fleet covered!

As an Enterprise or Elite customer, Platform.sh offers out of the box, some very powerful and extremely flexible mechanisms to always keep the source code of all your applications and their dependencies up to date.

How does it work?

Each of your applications can define custom operations, aka Source Operations, which can be triggered either manually, or via an automation process (for example a cron).

When those custom operations run, they can make changes to your codebase (for example apply a security patch, update a dependency or install a specific extension), and push those changes live.

You can also decide to push those changes to an isolated development environment first to verify that the site works properly before deploying those changes into production.

One of the main advantages of using those operations is that the process is fully automated within Platform.sh, so that your applications do not rely on external CI/CD tools or workflows to be updated and remain secured.

Some examples

You can find many different examples in our public documentation. This is not an exhaustive list, and there are so many use cases that you can cover with source operations.

For example, you can use Source Operations to automatically trigger a redeployment of an entire fleet of static websites, whenever the content from your backend site is updated.

And of course, all of our public templates are using those exact same mechanisms to update themselves automatically, so that our Devrel team can focus on supporting and deploying more frameworks rather than wasting time on keeping the existing ones up to date.

Speak about eating your own dog food!

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