Announcing streaming deploy hooks and SSH access

Chad Carlson
Technical Writer
04 Dec 2019

Increase visibility, watch deployments unfold in real time

Streaming deploy hooks and SSH access is a new feature that increases your visibility over your projects when they deploy. Previously, logs generated from your deploy hooks were available only after deployment, and your SSH access to the application container was blocked during deployment. Now, logs are streamed in real time, and you can SSH in and watch how things unfold. This will help you better understand what actually happens during the deployment, making it easier to troubleshoot.

Deploy hooks are now streamed both to the management console and to your terminal. It’s now also possible to SSH into your application containers while the deploy hook is running. wants to give more visibility to your build and deploy processes. And with these new features in place, you now have greater control to monitor them. You can more quickly diagnose problems with your deploy process, formulate solutions, and get back to developing your application.

Deploy often, deploy Friday, and check the logs.