launches Developer Community!

Robert Douglass
Robert Douglass
Chief DevRel Officer
17 Jul 2019

Today, thousands of developers use to solve web app development problems of all kinds. The new Developer Community provides a forum to share collected wisdom. Through the community, developers can access tutorials and how-to guides, ask and answer questions, and address challenges.

Explore the basics, like how to set up your app. Take a deep dive into concepts. Or get into the nitty-gritty details of routes and mount points. The community is a valuable resource to help move your development projects forward.

How can the Developer Community help?

An interactive publishing site, the Developer Community currently offers two types of content to help support your development on

How’s the Developer Community built?

The community site is built with Discourse, with only minimal customization, and it runs on We’ll publish more about how we do this later, in case you’re also interested in running Discourse.

The site uses single sign on (SSO) from the main accounts site, so anyone with a account can start engaging with the Developer Community just by selecting the login button.

With more than 100 interesting How-to Guides and answered questions, the Developer Community is already flourishing and helping developers do more with We look forward to seeing you there!