Adobe Summit 2019: take-aways

Doug Goldberg
Doug Goldberg
Senior Vice President of Operations and Global Alliances
01 Apr 2019
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The team just returned from our first Adobe Summit. As regular Magento Imagine participants, we had enjoyed that event’s smaller family feel. But we’re happy to report the size and scope of the Adobe Summit (even with more than 17,000 attendees) retained a strong community vibe.

As you’d imagine from an event like the Summit, there were key announcements. Like the integration of Magento and Marketo into Adobe Experience Cloud. And the renewed energy of the Adobe/Microsoft partnership. But the Summit gave us the opportunity to achieve several goals:

  1. Deepen relationships with Adobe staff (whom we’d been talking with for months) by meeting in person

  2. Continued planning with our Magento partners

  3. To see the integration of Magento Commerce Pro into Adobe Commerce Cloud

Looking ahead

After the announcement of Adobe Commerce Cloud, we walked over to the Exhibit Hall to take a look at the new demo. We saw the macro-services framework of the future: content-driven commerce with Adobe Experience Manager on the front end and Magento Commerce Pro on the back end, with Marketo integrated in for good measure. It’s a macro-services approach that might, one day, turn into a microservices approach.

The booth was staffed by all the familiar Magento faces we’ve collaborated with for years. We accomplished all of our Summit goals, including quality time spent planning with Magento Ops, Engineering, Support, and Pre-Sales teams. All of this made our time at the Summit well worth the trip.

It was equally rewarding to see the Adobe and Magento ecosystems begin to merge. We ran into many familiar faces from Corra, Lyons, Blue Acorn, ShipperHQ, Jamersan, and more. We imagine next year will bring even more of the Magento ecosystem into the Adobe fold.

We enjoyed our week and will definitely be back next year. With that said, we still can’t wait until Magento Imagine in six weeks. Hope to see you in Vegas!