Another UI release this month...

Manauwar Alam
Manauwar Alam
21 Oct 2016

We just deployed our new UI release 2.16 logically enough after 2.15 (which added eZ Platform to the new project wizard) and 2.14 with a much improved user management interface and many improvements around branch naming.

We are working continuously to provide a more user friendly interface for managing your applications. In this release you can see many improvements for status display, better suggestions and branch display in the UI.

  • Status update
  • Branch name suggestions
  • Improved structure for Branching
  • Enable/Disable robots.txt

Status update updated

In the UI, activity feed column now shows the status for every action! Until now you needed to switch back and forth between different environments to get the latest status update for ongoing multiple activities. As of now, status of in-progress activities are visible under the left hand sidebar.

No more toggling, no more confusion!

In progress status update

Branch name suggestions

Branching an environment could be tricky everytime you need to come-up with a unique branch name .. and with the constraints on naming branches too often you would end up with non-descriptive names. Better suggestions make this easier and less time-consuming.

Better suggestions

Improved display for long branch names

Long branch name under the left sidebar now appear on hover. No loss of information!

Linking branch

Enable/Disable robots.txt offers multiple environments for continuous development. You can have many non-production environments. All these environments should have robots.txt to restrict crawling (remember you can also very easily set up basic auth). Now, you can enable/disable robots.txt through UI.

Restrict robots