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We partnered with eZ Systems to accelerate development

19 September, 2016
Kieron Sambrook-Smith
Kieron Sambrook-Smith
Chief Commercial Officer

We partnered with eZ Systems to accelerate development Organisations can build digital experiences at speed and scale with eZ’s open source, enterprise grade content management system

In their mission to help enterprises build stronger performing applications at speed and scale, eZ Systems and Platform.sh announce today a new partnership that offers developers an accelerated path to build content-rich websites and web applications with eZ’s open source content management system, eZ Platform, and its premium edition, eZ Enterprise. By taking advantage of Platform.sh’s Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS), eZ now allows developers to build, test, and deploy new features faster and more frequently, which in turn reduces costs, time, and risk for the business.

Whether it’s ecommerce, news and media sites, multi-channel applications or connected devices (the Internet of Things), users expect seamless, engaging digital experiences. This puts pressure on the C-suite, developers, marketers and editors to deliver new features quickly and on quality to meet users’ heightened expectations. eZ’s choice to integrate Platform.sh’s PaaS into eZ’s content management system provides developers a better user experience, elevating production uptime and continuous delivery of changes, which in turn equips business users and executives for digital success.

“The PaaS concept brings the promise of helping developers focus on what really matters: developing new features. With Platform.sh for eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise, this promise turns real. Finally developers can focus on code, and not on infrastructure. _This means a lot for the business!_says Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, eZ Systems.

This latest strategic partnership is testament to the level of trust that software vendors have in the power of Platform.sh’s expertise in continuous delivery and PHP.

“We are very pleased to sign this strategic agreement with another global software vendor. eZ Systems has a great reputation and has had a strong presence in the PHP marketplace for some time already,” said Frederic Plais, CEO at Platform.sh

The new version of eZ’s platform offers a strong differentiator from other CMS solutions. By choosing to partner with Platform.sh, eZ stands to benefit from accelerated licence sales, and incremental revenue growth from PaaS hosting as part of their business model.

“The combination of the Platform.sh PaaS and eZ’s new content management system gives eZ a considerable advantage over their competitors. We are pleased to have already acquired our first joint customer, Gelbe Seiten Marketing Gesellschaft bmbH (The Yellow Pages in Germany) last week,” adds Kieron Sambrook-Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Platform.sh.

Learn more about eZ Platform at https://ez.no/Products/eZ-Platform and eZ’s premium edition, eZ Enterprise, at https://ez.no/Products/eZ-Enterprise

To start a one month free trial of eZ Platform using Platform.sh’s PaaS, visit https://ezplatform.com/

About Platform.sh Platform.sh is a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution that can scale applications from the smallest project to ones handling millions of visitors. It is ideal for agile software teams because of its unique feature: it can replicate a live production cluster in seconds and create byte-level clones of throwaway dev and staging environments, which makes testing and validation up to 7 times faster, that’s weeks to days, and in some cases days to hous. We can provide 99.99% SLAs thanks to our 24/7 follow-the-sun support combined with a unique, triple-redundant architecture that’s based on a high density grid of Linux micro-containers. Headquartered in Paris, France, with employees across five continents, the company serves thousands of clients worldwide, including Vivienne Westwood, The Canadian Football League, The British Council, Flixbus, and El Universo.

About eZ Systems eZ Systems is a global content management platform provider that is dedicated to helping businesses maximize the value of their content and deliver digital experiences that foster growth. Our software eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise helps developers, editors and marketers build content-rich websites and web applications—from brand sites, ecommerce and mobile apps to intranets, web portals and the Internet of Things. Fueled by over 15 years of organic growth as the creators of the award-winning CMS eZ Publish, eZ’s ecosystem contains 45,000+ users, 80+ business partners and 500+ enterprise customers. An international company, eZ has more than 85 employees across eight offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

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