eZ hosting in collaboration with eZ Systems

In partnership with eZ Systems, the company behind the eZ Platform content management system, Platform.sh enables you build and scale quality websites and apps fast. Discover how you can get a seamless experience between agile development and an enterprise grade production environment for eZ projects.

Deliver development velocity

Focus on your sites, not DevOps
Focus on your sites, not DevOps

Start eZ Platform projects quickly, and onboard developers with ease. Platform.sh manages infrastructure and operations so your team can focus on writing great code and launching sites.

Eliminate bottlenecks
Eliminate bottlenecks

Platform.sh creates a perfect replica of production for you to test every change, so you can launch successfully, anytime. Code and test in parallel with environments for every developer or team.

Scale predictably or on demand
Scale predictably or on demand

Platform.sh Enterprise delivers zero-downtime scalability that lets you scale to meet peak traffic.


Deploy eZ Platform — easily

eZ Platform is a PHP CMS based on the Symfony full-stack framework. Open source and enterprise grade, eZ Platform provides developers with unmatched flexibility to build, extend, and scale websites, apps, and other digital products.

eZ’s premium edition, eZ Enterprise, extends eZ Platform with a set of editorial tools including in-page editing, flexible workflows, and automated content scheduling.


The greatest toolbox for PHP developers


Our main API is Git. You can do most operations by just pushing code or a config file. Then watching your cluster configure itself automatically.

Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the Platform.sh UI, you can do in your terminal with our CLI.


With built-in Composer support, no need to check in your vendor directory. Just push your composer.json to us and we'll handle it, just as it should be.


A tour of eZ Platform on Platform.sh

With only a few clicks, developer teams can deploy eZ Platform without needing to worry about server setup, software configuration, or installation. Check out this 3-minute demo by David Christian Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ Systems to see how quick and easy it is to get started.

Related documentation

Running your eZ Platform app on Platform.sh

Hosting your existing eZ Platform site is, well, easy. Follow this guide to basic configuration of eZ for Platform.sh.


Local development with eZ Launchpad

Thanks to eZ Launchpad you are able to be work 100% locally, and sync data between Platform.sh and your local environment.


Platform.sh PHP configuration reader

This library provides a streamlined and easy to use way to interact with a Platform.sh environment. It offers utility methods to access routes and relationships more cleanly than reading the raw environment variables yourself.


Launch and scale eZ Platform

Get started