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Enterprise Grade Python Hosting (Beta)

With MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ and SSL included with no extra cost. With native micro-services capabilities and Java, Ruby and NodeJS dependencies .. building remarkable, scalable, Python apps has never been easier.

All the Python

Much of is written in Python, in both 2.7 and 3.5 and we like eating our own dogfood, so much of is hosted on itself (we like highly-available hosting, what can we say).

We give you not only the most productive environment for developing cool projects but also the most stable and feature rich Python PaaS.

Twelve Factors Is So 2011 is more than a traditional first generation PaaS. Unlike other providers we manage more than the application server. You can manage multiple applications in the same cluster (even mix and match Ruby with NodeJS and Python services in the same project). And all data backends are managed. Not just a single PostgreSQL instance. You need search? We got you. A cache? A message queue? Everything is included. No external add-ons.

This means that WOW! you can do backups. Backups are guaranteed to be a point-in-time snapshot of your whole infrastructure. This means there are no external SPOFs. That our SLA guarantees (for Enterprise customers) cover everything.

And you can even write to local, persistent disks! (which are of course mounted on a distributed file system). So no hacking around to make your application cloud-native. These are services offered by the platform. As it should be.

Instant Staging Environments

On-the-fly cloning of production into staging clusters in less than a minute.

Testing each feature in perfect isolation on a live environment is how agile was always supposed to be.

Unlimited concurrent staging environments eliminates QA bottlenecks and allows for continuous deployments.

Redeploying on every branch creation is what guarantees deployments never fail.

Quick bug fixes and continuous security release resolution.

Out-of-the-box High-Availability

The triple redundant multi-master architecture offers a 100% transactional guarantee, meaning you will never experience lost data or incomplete transactions.

Our triple redundant high availability (HA) setup allows us to give you a 99.99% guaranteed SLA.

Savings and operational management improvements

Many of our customers will reference savings in their new development workflow of between 15-40% per annum. See the Reiss Case Study which details huge improvements in technical management time, the testing and UAT process, elimination of DevOps, and improvements in coding accuracy and design velocity. You can read here: our Reiss Case Study