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Symfony Hosting in Collaboration With SensioLabs

In partnership with SensioLabs, the company behind the Symfony PHP framework, now provides a seamless experience between agile development and a smooth production run-phase for Symfony developers. improves development velocity

New developers on board? Don’t spend your valuable time on DevOps. Be productive from the first hour. Your team focuses on writing quality code and provides you with a full-stack environment for every Git branch you create, which means faster onboarding of team members, easy testing and demos, lots of practice with deployments, and more people able to work in parallel.

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Instant Staging Environments

On-the-fly cloning of production into staging clusters in less than a minute.

Testing each feature in perfect isolation on a live environment is how agile was always supposed to be.

Unlimited concurrent staging environments eliminates QA bottlenecks and allows for continuous deployments.

Redeploying on every branch creation is what guarantees deployments never fail.

Quick bug fixes and continuous security release resolution.

Deploy Symfony quickly and easily with custom starting points

Start with a Symfony distribution and take commonly used features, directory structures and default configurations and package it into a customizable bundle ready for your immediate development.

You can immediately deploy a Symfony 2.8 or 3.0 base instance, and we even bundled the nice demo application so you can play around.

Use the tools you love


Composer is the package manager used by modern PHP applications. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and will install them in your project for you.

Command line

Manage your projects directly from within your terminal. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do in your terminal with CLI.


The main API of is git. You can do most operations by just pushing code or a config file and see your cluster configure itself automatically.