Reduce your DevOps effort by 90%

Focus your resources on delivering websites instead of on building infrastructure

Today, many organizations are choosing between building from scratch on Kubernetes or relying on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings that provide a complete platform for development and deployment, including container orchestration.

If your teams spend too much time evaluating, discussing, and implementing Kubernetes architectural components (such as Pods, Labels, Replica Sets, and Config Maps) or debating whether and how to combine Rancher with Helm and RabbitMQ, then a PaaS could suit your organization.

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FleetOps - The brief

What’s in the guide?

This guide explains the benefits and technologies of containers, container orchestration, and PaaS, alongside what each technology does and doesn’t provide. We’ll cover some of the functionality necessary for organizations to leverage containers in production.

  • The ABCs of containers
  • Using Kubernetes to orchestrate containers
  • How to build a platform with Kubernetes
  • PaaS lets you focus on your apps