We’re a distributed team building distributed software with a mission to simplify the cloud. in numbers

cups of coffee drunk every day
pointless debates in #random each week
"sorry i was on mute" uttered every month
languages spoken
Slack channels (Srsly?)

Our mission

We believe software should run.

That infrastructure can and should be abstracted way so that developers can move fast without breaking things. Help them focus on features and code quality, not servers and tooling. We believe we know we can do this. To make software just run. On every cloud. On-premise. Everywhere.

Our ethos

First and foremost: be happy.

Being happy means more than just building a great product that makes our clients happy. It’s not just making our stuff robust and automated so no one gets woken up at night. It also means you’re not strapped to your desk. People here have friends, families, and other interests. That’s a good thing.

Who we hire

You. There is no mold. We are a very varied bunch. People from all over the planet from different cultures and venues of life. Some come from top engineering schools. Some are self-taught hackers. Some are in their early twenties, a bunch have passed fifty.

The common thread is a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to push yourself, experiment, and accept failure (on the path to glorious success, of course.)

How we work

Just do it
We align our vision and agree on a common path, but after that you choose what is important in collaboration with your colleagues. Nobody assigns work. Find clever solutions to hard problems and make a pull request.
Get off the beaten track will never point the finger at you if you try something that does not work. Trying endlessly is the basis of innovation and of being part of something unique. Try again, and again...
Work from anywhere
Are you a globetrotter or located in a quiet place? Maybe your family schedule needs you to be home. Live the life you want and still get interesting and challenging work that grows your career. Unfailing internet access is your only limit.

Our Values

We are a product company.
We build products. We have a grand vision and we solve our clients' needs within it. We dogfood and create products that we want to use.
We are nothing without our customers' success.
We live and breathe because we make software run, and we care when our customers have problems. Even at 1am in the morning, even those that don’t pay for high-availability, and even those that brought it upon themselves.
We never sacrifice quality.
We appreciate and value quality in everything we do: code, design and communication. We know how to refactor, let go, and change when we have to. We stay aware of the world around us.
We are curious, passionate and courageous.
Our work is not assigned to us, we grab it. Our work goes way beyond what’s immediately expected from us. Structures and roles are there to help guide us, not limit and contain us.
We are fair, and we don’t bullshit.
We care about doing the right thing. We are fair when people join us, as team members, clients or partners, and we are fair when they leave. We owe the truth to our teams, partners and clients.
We care for each other.
We are good colleagues to each other. We are a flat organization, everyone’s accessible. We jump in to help one another when we can. We double down on solidarity when we are under pressure.