We are nothing without our customers’ success

22 Feb 2018
Maria Antinkaapo
VP Customer Success

Have you had to wait a long time for an answer to your support ticket? We hear you, we’re sorry and here’s what we’re doing to fix it.

Nothing is more infuriating than waiting on someone else when your website is having a problem. Things are broken, you need help fixing them, and nobody seems to be listening. You feel powerless and frustrated, and you just can’t believe it is taking so long. What gives?!?

If that has been your experience with Platform.sh Customer Support recently, you’re not the only one. In fact, the number one message we hear from our customers right now is that our response on support is too slow. How did we let that happen?

2017 was a super successful year for us. We doubled our customer base and experienced exciting growth through partners like Magento, EZ Platform, and Symfony. We got a lot of validation that our product is useful and is what developers and site owners are looking for.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to keep up with staff, processes, and tooling on the support team, leading to longer wait times in the support queues. Believe me, this has been painful to experience and acknowledge. We preferred it when everyone (ourselves included) thought we were perfect. =)

What are we going to do to fix the problem, now that we’ve fallen behind?

These are the first things we have put in place:

  1. Recruit more people: Our target is to more than double the size of the support team in 2018. If you’re looking for a job, we’ve got them, and would be happy to receive your application. [https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/platform-sh]

  2. Set up more training: We’ve initiated an internal bi-monthly training program and are building out our library of training materials so that our new hires can hit the ground running, and so that you are always talking to support engineers with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

  3. Provide better tooling: We’re making major improvements on our helpdesk system and our internal tooling to reduce the number of steps it takes to diagnose problems and make suggestions.

  4. Improve data and statistics: We’re stepping up our collection of data and metrics pertaining to Customer Support to make our decisions more data driven. With greater insight into our client interactions, we can offer the best support.  

Finally, and most importantly, we created a whole new team to help you succeed: the Customer Care team. We are an entire team dedicated to listening to your needs, hearing any complaints (and hopefully, eventually, praise), and guiding future decisions and improvements based on that valuable feedback.

We are doing our utmost to make sure you won’t have to endure more long waits. If you have feedback, suggestions, praise, or complaints, we want to hear from you, either in a comment below or by writing to customercare@platform.sh

We are nothing without our customers’ success. This is one of our company values. We believe in it. And we’re doing everything to make this right.