Screencast - Composer and Continuous Integration

John Grubb
Director of Customer Care
09 May 2017

Hello there!  We were recently at DrupalCon in Baltimore, and after watching some of our competitors demos I came home with a fresh conviction to show that many of the features that they wow audiences with aren't actually their features at all.

This screencast is all about continuous integration, with a specific focus on how we make it simple to use Composer in a PHP application.  We go through a couple of different scenarios where deciding to use tools like Composer and Gulp to make it easier to manage your application's code actually introduces complexity further down the line.  This complexity is the result of the newly introduced need for some kind of build process before you deploy your code.

Our competitors have tried to address this need by either bolting this functionality on to their existing product after the fact (ahem, Acquia), or by just using a completely different service like CircleCI (cough cough, Pantheon). was designed with these tools in mind from the beginning, so the ability to get started with these tools and integrate your project with them deeply is the default for everyone.