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Commerce Guys Launches Platform.sh, Continuous Delivery Cloud on Amazon Web Services

13 May, 2014

Commerce Guys, creators of Drupal Commerce, announces the launch of Platform.sh, a powerful continuous delivery cloud hosting solution available for systems integrators, digital agencies and individual websites. Platform.sh supports Drupal, Symfony, and other PHP-based applications.

Platform.sh has an optimized development-to-production workflow that is revolutionary in the market, enabling Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) during development, at launch, and throughout a site’s life. Unique snapshot technology enables cloning at the speed of thought, replicating full-stack environments on demand and radically improving production return-to-operations (RTO) metrics. Up to 25% savings on developer and systems integration effort are being achieved on beta projects, with the return on investment (ROI) increasing exponentially the larger and more complex the site.

Key Platform.sh Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect cloning. Snapshot cloning takes an exact byte-level copy of upstream environments (code, configuration files and data), providing 100% consistency for development, testing, migration and integration.
  • Unlimited cloning. Developers can create, merge, and destroy an unlimited number of development, branch or test environments at the touch of a button in seconds, no matter how large the system.
  • Collaborative, Agile. Accept contributions from an unlimited number of contributors, each with variable permissioning capabilities. Platform.sh leverages Agile methodologies.
  • Git. Integration with the Git version control system allows for safe and seamless merging.
  • AWS. Built to work on Amazon Web Services for enterprise-class bandwidth, storage, and security.
  • 2nd Generation Platform as a Service. A container-based server-grid architecture separates each service, enabling scalability and eliminating performance degradation from neighboring operations. The first generation generalized the server virtualization concept. Containers are the second generation.
  • Applications. Non-LAMP stack services are also supported, reducing the complexity associated with integration, testing and management of 3rd party integrations.
  • Monitoring. User-friendly dashboard allows full visibility in real time to all development environments and contributor work, including activities such as backups, cloning, branching, merging, commits, etc.

Commerce Guys has also launched Platform Enterprise, a high-availability, highly redundant premium version of Platform.sh. For the most demanding Enterprise-level websites, Platform Enterprise enables sites to stay online even if there are physical failures of significant parts of the infrastructure. By utilizing triple redundancy potentially across three separate AWS Availability Zones and running clusters across all of these machines, Platform Enterprise can survive even the most unlikely catastrophic failures without suffering downtime.

Platform.sh will be available on AWS Marketplace.

“We are pleased that Commerce Guys is offering Platform.sh on AWS,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Platform.sh provides customers and partners with a valuable solution to help grow their businesses. Commerce Guys Platform.sh takes advantage of AWS’ global footprint to provide customers with the performance, security and scaling for high demand and hard-to-predict peak traffic requirements.”

“Platform.sh will change the way web development is done ” said Frédéric Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys. “Platform.sh delivers a simple ‘develop, deploy and deliver’ model that launches seamlessly no matter how much a site needs to scale to meet its unique needs.”

Platform.sh is designed to complement Commerce Guys’ Commerce Marketplace and Commerce Kickstart. Commerce Marketplace provides third-party vendor solutions designed to integrate with Drupal Commerce sites, including sales and tax compliance, site optimization, content translation and more, while Commerce Kickstart makes eCommerce sites faster and easier to adopt, launch and administer.

Attendees at the AWS Summit in Paris and DrupalCon Austin will get a first look at Platform.sh during the conferences on May 13th and June 3rd respectively.

About Commerce Guys 
Commerce Guys is the creator of Drupal Commerce, one of the fastest growing eCommerce solutions with over 38,000 active sites worldwide. Drupal Commerce is a revolutionary software application framework integrating commerce, content and community to create engaging Web experiences that bring e-retailers more traffic to drive more results. Commerce Guys’ technology and expertise provides online merchants with the powerful, responsive and innovative eCommerce solutions they need to thrive.s

Commerce Guys won eight awards in 2013, including the overall Grand Prize and the Gold Prize in the technology category at the E-commerce Paris Awards. The company was also awarded the Gold Prize for best new electronic software solution at the American Business Awards, also known as The Stevies.

Develop on Platform.sh

Visit us at CommerceGuys.com

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Be a part of the movement at DrupalCommerce.org

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