Split projects and users across multiple organizations

Augustin Delaporte
Augustin Delaporte
Vice President of Product Management
15 Apr 2022

As an organization owner, you can grant your key contributors permission to manage all your projects, billing information, or users within your organization. But…

What if you are an agency that builds websites on behalf of multiple customers, and you want to invoice your customers directly?

What if your company manages multiple business units or departments, all of which have their invoicing and billing requirements or their own contracts with Platform.sh?

What if you develop personal and professional projects on Platform.sh, and you need to keep those distinct using the same user account?

Today, we are thrilled to announce that you can now create, delete, and own as many organizations as you need to, so that you organize all your projects, billing details, and contributors the way you see fit.

The agency use case

As an agency, if you want to invoice your customers directly, you can create a new organization and invite your customer as a billing member of this organization.

Your customer will be responsible for maintaining the payment method and billing information, and they will receive the invoices directly.


For more information on managing your organizations, please read our public documentation. If you need any help, please open a support ticket.