Greener hosting starts with transparency

Sabri Helal
Sabri Helal
Product Manager
22 Apr 2022

Why are we bringing more transparency to the provider and the carbon footprint?

In our Green initiative effort, is exposing all necessary information via an open API about the carbon footprint of our regions, so that you can make informed choices on where to deploy your projects.

What changed concretely?

We’ve enriched the Regions API with Environmental Information.

Such information has been added to the Regions API under the keys “provider” “datacenter” and “environmental_impact.”

We then leverage this newly added information to expose additional data in Console when a user creates a new project. You can now see the underlying region provider and its environmental impact.

How does it impact you?

Additional transparency when creating and viewing a project. Previously, in order to know the underlying provider for a region, you would have to go through our public documentation, look at the IP associated with the region, and use the Regions API to get the information. Now, this is directly exposed in Console. We have also added the environmental impact information for each region.

At, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. This commitment forces us to bring you transparency about the underlying infrastructure that you can choose from - we deploy to 5 different major cloud providers. We are now exposing a public API with all our region’s information, including the cloud provider, the data center location, and carbon footprint in gCO2eq/kWh.

We are also extending the project creation flow with this information. You can choose the region with the lowest footprint or choose a cloud provider committed to reducing its environmental footprint.